This is me!
Anything you need to know about me. Or not. Lolz!


Hey there! I'm Kaya, or the weird little fluffball rolling around in the chatbox! I'm hyper, friendly, helpful and a little bit crazy! xD

In Real Life, I'm a 37 year old (Birthday's on 30th March owo), socially awkward, depressed pile of fat that's currently going through transition from female to male, end open I guess. Everything's going wild right now in my life. But please refer to me as he/him or they/them if you're more comfortable with that~

If you ever need anything, just poke me. I don't bite... usually xD

You can now also find me on Flight Rising as AwesomeKaya and on Leayph as Lil Kaya xD I will do crosssite trades if anyone wants!

Current breeding project:

Randomly breeding a male to all my females cause I'm bored lol


I'm still looking for Hoparus in the range of 871-890!

If you have any one of these for sale/trade/swap please PM me <3

Not buying any more Chrysalids right now but would swap Khims and items for Chrysalids, depending on the offer. Always willing to haggle though, don't hesitate to PM me with any offers in mind :)

Things you can ALWAYS bribe me with: Retro Flowers Serums I and II. Or IBPs. Fireflies to a certain extend as well xD
Notes for me:
Rejoined Khimeros around 8/17
Number in case Basti/Onyx is mean again: 24623
~Chrysalids I need~ *most wanted

Panzer x2*
JazzRoll Line
Purrdra (got it)
Hunting Margay (got it)
Running Fennik (got it)
New Rickroll Pairs
Equu + Arabou
Panzer + Oce
Vix + Flutterfoxx
Kaspica (done) + Kroko*
Quetz Hatchling + Siluri (Done)
Finnda + Xochi
Wrinkle + Scrum (Got both Chryses)
Dragomorph + Draakal
Phedrix + Bumblebuzz
Batatu + ChuckChuck (done)
Lyridae + Rascal
Awesome Art!
This one has been made by Trippy <3

And this one by Squidina!

Plats of me - both made by the awesome Voke :3

Regarding Sales/Trades/Stuffs!
I've got plenty of stuff in my Sales Lairs and Shop - if you'd like to haggle about something - don't hesitate to PM me :)

MASTER Items I own - selling copies in the Special Item Shop - I make 1 Bead profit of each item, prices vary because of of varying taxes! (also willing to trade for copies of other masters I want/need IF I have the necessary beads to generate copies at that moment xD)

Rants, Rambles, Wishlists n Stuff
List of Khirins I want
Banded Butterfly (Probably never cause the User is inactive)
Death (Gotta ask Twi)
Du Hast (Ask Purpleash)
Lucky Tiger (Ask Darillion)
Nature Spirit (Ask Darillion)
Onyx (Maybe from Subecta Arajil?)
Spectral (Seph or Darillion)
Trinkapuppy (Darillion, Twi, Purpleash, Larny)
Winged Onyx (Kesstryl, Laev, Liz)
Writer's Inspiration (Since Chiwoo seems to be inactive Jesavaldo is the next best option)
Posted on 2018-11-19 21:45:25

Stuff I'm selling
View trade | Swap for a colour I don't have! (I already got: Black Diamond, Bronze Sunstone, Copper Onyx, Masquerade)
View trade | Swap for a colour I don't have! (I already got: Black Diamond, Bronze Sunstone, Copper Onyx, Masquerade)
Stuff. May be for sale if it says so.
Under the hammer
No active auctions.
Trophies? OwO
Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy
Stuff I said
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