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Urgent Warning!! Quarantine has been breached. This lair has been compromised. The Flood Infection is spreading. Beware of these infected, diseased looking khimeras. No matter how innocent they may appear, they are to be considered extremely dangerous.

If you find one of these Flood khimeras in your lair, isolate it at once to contain the spread of the Infection. However, be aware, that there is no cure. This is a serious outbreak. If you have questions, please contact me immediately.

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What I like:

As far as khimeras-

Favorite breeds are Draaks, Grimms, Gryphs, Uwila, and both cat varieties.

Least favorite breeds are Ayalons

Green is love.
also adore black/red/blue/darker shades of purple.

HATE pink, please for the love of all Floodiness do not send me pink khims.

Due to a couple rl personal reasons I do however have a soft spot for rainbow-iness, if done well. (meaning it doesnt make my eyes burn)
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About me:

Somewhat crazy but mostly harmless Flood fanatic.

Fursona is the one and only Winged Purple Plaid Pandabadger-

I can be found on wajas, gryffs, felisfire, aywas and a few other pet sites.

I adore the Flood and all things green. I also love purple.

I'm a huge star wars nerd, thus love all things Sith. (dark side has cookies after all ;) )

Also prone to sneak through chat painting everyone green.


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My Masters and Custom Khimbits
These are the master items I own. Most of them are kept available in the special item shop. If you find one you would like and it isn't in the shop, let me know.

MASTER: Hybrid Dragon Platinum Coin - Kittigon

MASTER: Hybrid Dragon Platinum Coin - Wereagon

MASTER: Badger Badger Cavia Custom

MASTER: Capricorn Sky Frostwing

MASTER: Verdigris Frostwing

MASTER: Flood Hybrid Dragon

MASTER: Flood Snapper

MASTER: Shadow Keeper Hybrid Dragon

MASTER: Flood Snapper

MASTER: Toxic Forest Fae Dragon

MASTER: Fae Caves - Toxic

MASTER: Fae Luna Mofs - Purple

MASTER: Key Lime Mottled Drasuna **This one I would be willing to consider trade offers on.

These two are not up for public sale in the shop because they are very special to me. I may rarely generate one as a gift, but please do not ask for one.

MASTER: Taliesin Songshaper Hybrid Dragon

MASTER: Sunhawk Firekeeper Hybrid Dragon

I also stock the khimbit versions of my platinum custom khimeras:

Flood Kettu

Radioactive Kettu

Blue Swallowtail Butterfly Bobtail Malkin

Cecropia Moth Bobtail Malkin

Celtic Mascurade Bobtail Malkin

Pushover King Bobtail Malkin

Radiant Princess Bobtail Malkin

Serenity's Calling Bobtail Malkin

Valiant Prince Bobtail Malkin

Demonic Queen Faewyn

Purple fancy Pants Faewyn

Deaths Guardian Dyre

Badger Badger Bobtail Malkin

Capricorn Skies Faewyn

These two are not stocked, and only rarely generated as gifts so please do not ask for them:

Eternal Guardian Korath

Embracing the Darkness Esperi
Posted on 2015-06-06 06:12:25