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Beads are on sale for 15% off!

>>>>>>>>>>Bead Bribery<<<<<<<<<<

As a special anniversary treat, we're offering a selection of bead bribery rewards!

For every 25 beads purchased, select one of the following rewards:

- a free khimbit-to-khimera or growable-to-khimera overlay
- a free overlay released over the past year: birdielegs, rusa, ayalar
- two serums of your choice
- a free retro pack
- a free plankton waves pack
- a free deco item or regular khimbit of your choice (restrictions apply - no masters, special items, packs, unique bits etc.)

Since we can't include all the details of each offer in one news post, please use the News search bar to search "bead bribery" and scroll for details on each offer if you are unsure, or ask Onyx in the Lounge or in the Discord server!

Get chatty in the Lounge for a chance to pick up some tasty apple-themed treats! Can you find them all?

September marks Khimeros' 14th Anniversary, and we're kicking things off with a bang with a 20% off bead sale for the next week!

>>>>>>>>>>Bead Sale<<<<<<<<<<<

All 50-bead chrysalids in the Chrysalis Cave have been marked down to 30 beads, and you can purchase 2 chrysalids for 45 beads, mix and match! This applies for any sale chrysalis currently in the cave. Most chrysalids released September 2021 and earlier are eligible. In order to redeem the 2/45 beads deal, you will need to put in a Help ticket! This deal cannot be purchased directly from the Chrysalis Cave. If you want a chrysalis that was released prior to September 2021 and don't see it in the Cave, please let Onyx #10 know!

>>>>>>>>>>Bead Bribery<<<<<<<<<<

For every 60 beads purchased, you may choose one FREE chrysalis! You can choose any chrysalis for this offer, even newly released chrysalids like the Arabi or Sulana, or chrysalids from the Fantastical Fantasies or Upcycle shops! For this special anniversary BB, even STARTER breeds (fennik and margay) are being included in the deal!

Time to picnic while the weather is fine! Head to the Lounge to chat for your chance to pick up these new picnic-themed backdrops, blankets, beverages and condiments!

Upgraded users should head over to the Treasure Trove to pick up an additional sweet, juicy treat!

Keep an eye out for more picnic-themed items to come!

Beads are on sale for 15% off for the next three days!

>>>>>>>>>>Bead Bribery<<<<<<<<<<<

Plankton Swirls are on offer for Bead Bribery bonus items!

For every 25 beads purchased, you can choose one of the following Plankton Swirls packs:

Original Plus


Bonus Colors

OR you may choose the REVERSE versions of each of the packs, with swirls going from right to left!

To claim your bonus items, please submit a help desk report with the email address you used to purchase the beads, date and number of beads purchased, and your choice of pack(s).

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