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Hooray, the time has come for Rascal Surprise Packs!! Packs can be found in the cash shop and cost 3 beads each. Additionally, we will be releasing tokens in foraging, the Lounge, and the Dice game that you can collect to redeem for FREE packs so keep an eye out for news on that! Approximately 50 free packs will be made available!

To celebrate release of the packs we are extending the bead sale and Bead Bribery event until the end of the day, site time, June 2!

Rascal Surprise Pack

The Rascal Surprise Pack contains Rascal chrysalids and a plethora of Rascal wearables, backdrops, and if you are very lucky, bonus mystery chrysalis packs!

Luck not so good? You are guaranteed a bonus chrysalis each time you open 12 packs! Packs do not need to be opened at the same time to receive the bonus.

Opened a lot of packs trying for those chrysalids and master items, and now you have lots of extra wearables? Watch for additional craftable colors of pack items to appear at Thimble's shop! New crafting medallions will soon appear in foraging as well ;) Spares can also be turned in to the Upcycle Shop!

Can't afford packs? We'll soon be releasing Rascal wearables available for all users through crafting and other means! All Rascal wearables can be worn on any generation of khimera!

Don't forget - when equipping breed-specific items you will need to place your khimera in your deco image *first*, then equip the items (you can equip backdrops and other items at any time). If you move your khimera after equipping breed-specific items, you will need to remove them and re-equip them.

Bookworm (#7676) is this week's lottery winner(s), taking home 9,360 trinkets! Congratulations!

A bead sale/bead bribery event is on from now through the end of the month! Beads are on sale for 15% off. And we have the following bead bribery goodies!

When you purchase 25 beads, receive this Sunlit Forest Path Backdrop - Fantasy!

When you purchase a total of 60 beads, receive the previous backdrop plus this Sunlit Forest Path Backdrop - Autumn!

When you purchase a total of 100 beads, receive the previous two backdrops plus this Sunlit Forest Path Backdrop - Summer!

The BB rewards stack, so if you purchase 200 beads for example, you will receive 2 sets of backdrops.

You do not need to purchase all beads at once to qualify. To claim your Bead Bribery prizes, please submit a help desk with the number of beads purchased, the date, and the email address used to purchase your beads. If you buy more beads, please add to your original help desk instead of creating a new one :)

Mashira (#943) is this week's lottery winner(s), taking home 3,510 trinkets! Congratulations!


A new Treasure Trove item is now available for upgraded users, the Boho Round Rug Pack. Get 6 completely mismatched rugs for your maximalist shabby pad!

The Eccentria now has Inferno marking showing! Cuz everything is on fire and it's fine. :D

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