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We're looking for feedback on our new feature, Blossoming Khimbits! More information to go along with the infographic below is available in the blooming-khimbits channel in our discord server! If you are not yet part of the server, the link is here:

We strongly encourage constructive feedback on this feature! We are envisioning releasing the starter items to the Fantastical Fantasies shop, Upcycle Shop, cash shop, etc. Additional items needed to evolve these khimbits will be available through various site activities, and possibly as packages in the cash shop for those who don't want to wait to gather ingredients or who want to do a lot of Blossoming.

Please note... constructive conversation means back-and-forth discussion. That means that we will respond to your comments with our thoughs and you are free to respond again with questions or comments. But please keep all conversation polite and on-topic, without straying into discussion about other features, and without accusations or un-constructive comments ^^.

Side note: if at all possible, everyone should join the discord server even if you don't want to actively use it, as this is where any information will be available in the case of unexpected site downtime, etc. Even if you join and mute the server, it will be there when you need it, when we have discussions like this there, or should you ever need to contact someone quickly in case of issues with your account.

Beads are on sale for 15% off until the end of the day, Friday!


Note: News images are screen captures and are not of the same quality of the actual animated items, they are for demo purposes only ^^.

Featuring the Groovy Animations Pack, containing 12 new animated items! Get a random pick when you open each pack! Open 12 packs and get a very special bonus, the Blink and Blep Siamese Fluffle, our first animated khimbit!

You are entitled to one pack for every string of beads purchased! You must submit a help desk ticket stating the number of beads purchased, date purchased, and email used to make the purchase to claim your packs.


- If you purchased packs last night and got the overlay, unfortunately we're not able to make it work in deco currently so have replaced it with the khimbit version. If you have applied the overlay you can keep it, and help desk to also get a khimbit so you can use it to get the animated version in deco.

- Animated khimbits will animate in both the den and in deco! HOWEVER, you currently must choose only one option - if you den your khimbit, it will not be available to use in deco and vice versa. To use your khimbit in deco, please add it to the CHEST rather than the den.

- IN ORDER TO MAKE ANIMATIONS WORK IN DECO: you must put them in your chest, then select the animation you want from the "animations - animated" folder and choose the item from there, otherwise they will not animate.

-Animations, including animated khimbits, must be used in the top layer(s) of your deco, you cannot put anything above an animation.

- We have optimized these new animations so they should not be so laggy on your computer.

It must have rained, because some fanciful fungi is popping up all over the lounge!


*** Note: this is about completing orders from a previous event, if you are not owed any overlays from this previous event, you can skip this news post!***

If you are still owed hornless Prancing Arabi overlays, the time has come!

PLEASE POST IN THE DESIGNATED CHANNEL ON THE DISCORD SERVER to have your order(s) completed. If you absolutely cannot post in the Discord server, you may send a PM directly to Onyx #10 with the following information:

***You MUST link to your original help desk report in your order!***. Natural horse colors and basic colors like pink, blue, rainbow etc. only, no edits. Be specific in what you want for body, mane/tail, and eye color. You may also ask for white markings like socks or blazes. While each overlay is hand-colored, the nature of these overlays may mean that another user receives a similar overlay. ***Details for what you want for each overlay, plus the khimera ID you want them applied to, must be posted here even if you posted them elsewhere in the past, including a help desk report***

It's khimbit-to-khimera overlay time again!

Slots are available for ANY unique khimbit to be morphed into an overlay. Your khimbit will be forfeited in this process.

You must own the khimbit, and it must be in your inventory, not your den, when you order!

Each overlay costs 20 beads and is only able to be applied to an existing khimera.

Khimbits will be matched up to their corresponding base - so all canine khimbts will belong to the likos base, all feline khimbits to the asadia base, and so on. Any khimbit that does not correspond to a pure khimera base (not a hybrid) will belong to the eccentria base. Base assignment is at staff discretion. You can use any alternate that corresponds to a base, so if for example you want to turn a yote khimbit into an overlay, you can ask to have it applied to any likos alternate. If you are not sure what base a khimbit will belong to, ask Onyx! #10.

Again, if you are not sure which base your khimbit corresponds to, please be sure to ask staff BEFORE submitting your order!

Orders are open through the end of the month!

To place an order, please put in a help desk with KHIMBIT OVERLAY ORDER in the title. Make sure you provide the breed and number or name of the khimbit you want used, make sure it is in your inventory, and provide a link to the khimera in your lair that you want the overlay applied to. Make sure you have the beads on hand or in your bank. Make sure you provide a name for your overlay!

Sorry, but you cannot reuse a name that is already in use for another unique khimbit of the same breed! The system will not allow for this.


Bead Sale / Bead Bribery

Beads are on sale for 15% off for the next four days!

For every 50 beads purchased, get a free bit-to-khim overlay! Same rules apply as for regular bit-to-khim orders.

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