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Can you find them all??

I am working on a new base and would like your thoughts on whether you prefer the style of the top or bottom option... the top is more realistic/detailed, the bottom is more in line with what a petsite base generally looks like. Note: the base is NOT fully finished and will still get some tweaks, but I want to know what style people prefer before I proceed. So please vote 1 or 2, either in the comments or over on the Discord, in the Lounge channel.



Beads are on sale for 15% off through the end of the weekend!

Bead Bribery

FYI Due to a sharp decrease in bead sales and negative user feedback since the Bead Bribery shop opened, the shop will be permanently closing on April 10. Please get your purchases in before this time. Starting mid-month, bead bribery events will go back to being news based, limited time events.

New Upcycle Shop Items!

A number of new items have been added to the upcycle shop!

Three new backdrops:

Ten new chrysalis deco items:

And last but not least, a brand new uwli chrysalis!

A new monthly item is available for all upgraded users in the Treasure Trove!

Rainforest River Crossing Backdrop

Some new backdrops and Fitch collars are available in the Emporium!

And last but not least, Eldritch Spellweaver items are available in the Louge!


Fitch Surprise Packs are now available in the Cash Shop for 3 beads each!

Opening a pack gives you a random selection of wearable packs for the new Fitch base, backdrop packs, mini firefly potion packs and mini inverse firefly potion packs, Wearable and Background packs grant one random item upon opening, firefly packs give 3-5 potions per pack.

If you are very lucky, you may also receive a fitch chrysalis or a mystery chrysalis pack!

There is a guaranteed fitch chrysalis bonus item when you have opened 20 packs!

Majestic Mountain Waterfalls Pack (These backdrops have 3 layers)

Rugged Mountain Waterfalls Pack (These backdrops have 3 layers)

Windswept Foothills Pack (These backdrops have 2 layers)

Starlord Accents Pack (Fitch)

Royal Courier Regalia Pack (Items have 2 layers) (Fitch)

Royal Courier Messenger Gear (Fitch)

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