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You may find up to three slices of anniversary cake in your inventory, depending on how active you have been this month ^^.

Here is your official news!

Sulana Draconis Surprise Packs are now available in the Cash Shop for 3 beads each!

Packs will be available until mid-October.

Each pack contains one random pack of wearable item for the Sulana Draconis base! There are 5 color variations in each pack.

Note: if you plan to turn in any spares to the Upcycle Shop, do NOT open the wearable packs. Individial items cannot be turned in for points.

There are ten wearable packs in total!

Also included are two new growable Pandowl eggs!!

And, if you are really lucky, Sulana Draconis Chrysalids or Special Sulana Draconis Tokens!

A bonus Sulana Draconis Chrysalis will also be awarded for every 20 packs opened!

Note: Trippy is currently working on the overlays for the special tokens, and there will be further news on this in future!

Just a head's up... sulana draconis packs are now available in the cash shop! Full news will be forthcoming!


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Every user may look through my (Onyx! #10) lair and choose ONE overlay from those at the top of my Customs lair, khimeras labelled OVERLAY. and those only, and I will breed a gen 2 overlay just for you. You must post your choice here in the news comments, and the offer ends when the day rolls over! Please be sure the overlay is labelled as "OVERLAY" before making your choice. Please realize that it may take some time to breed all requested overlays.

A plethora of platinum tokens are available in the cash shop from now until the end of the month, priced at only 15 beads each! Get them while you can! As a reminder, platinum tokens include the Gen 1 "under" khimera if you use the default base for that breed/hybrid combo, but if you want to use an alternate base, you will need to provide the chrysalis. For example, if the platinum token calls for an asadia base, a "rampant asadia" base is included, but if you want to make the under a "rait" base, then you will need to provide a rait chrysalis.

Our new Bead Bribery offer - for every 50 beads purchased, get a free platinum token of your choice from any of those featured in the cash shop!

A new monthly item is available from the Treasure Trove for all upgraded users, so hurry over to the swamp!

The third rotation of chat khimbits are now available! Unfortunately, I was not able to complete a new rotation of foraging khimbits, so the current rotation will remain for the moment. There will still be 4 total rotations, we just may have to extend the celebration a bit into October ;)

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