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I will sell a maximum of 10 of this design, one per user, first come first served as far as color choices. Any slots unsold after 24 hours has passed may be purchased by anyone.

Overlays cost 15 beads each, if you want a typhon custom as the under, you may order one with a link to your saved custom demo slot for an additional 15 beads (if you add extra patterns or anything that charges a fee, you'll need to have those beads on hand when placing your order).

You may choose the following:
-Cape color and glitter/no glitter. Example image shows glitter. Cape color may be solid, ombre of up to 3 colors, or rainbow (bright or pastel).

-Armour color, light brown, dark brown, or black.

-Stud color, silver or brass.

-Body color - solid color, ombre of up to 3 colors, rainbow (bright or pastel) with or without glitter.

-Mane color - solid color, ombre of up to 3 colors, (bright or pastel) with or without glitter.

-Mane accent color - same rules as mane color.

-Tail poof color - same rules as mane color

-Eye color - any solid color

No other choices or alterations are available. Note: glitter is an effect and doesn't have its own color. Glitter will show up differently on different base colors. It will usually not show up as well on very light or very bright colors.

To order, have your beads on hand and submit a help desk report with your choices.


Be sure to encourage your inner Muse to do its very best, inspire the Minstrel in order to win some of these new prizes!

Potted Roses

Wooded Hillside Backdrops

Hillside Homes

Rustic Rainbarrels


Be sure you read the news post below this one for some important typhon master item news!

Beads are on sale for the next three days at 15% off! Get 'em while they're hot... or at least cheap!


This sale will work a little differently to previous ones. Orders will be open for 48 hours, and you must have the beads ready for your order when you claim a master item. As a bonus, anyone who orders a master item can purchase one typhon chrysalis for 15 beads.

Orders are unlimited, and you can choose your own colors for the cape, gems, and armour pieces. You can choose any solid color for the gems, though we reserve the right to do some slight variations in tone to keep individual master items unique, any solid color or an ombre of up to 3 colors for the cape (or you can choose rainbow), and you can choose black, shiny silver, tarnished silver, yellow gold, rose gold, bronze, or copper for the metal pieces. You can choose to have all metal pieces match, or you can choose one color for the bracers and shoulder piece and another color for the back scales.

Each master item will cost 15 beads.

TO ORDER A MASTER ITEM: Do not post your order here in the news post (you may still post questions or comments here). Instead, place a help desk ticket and make sure you include ALL the details of colors you want. Please don't choose anything outside what has been outlined here - to keep prices reasonable, we can't make special exceptions or go outside the bounds of the ordering rules. So please don't, for example, ask for a certain color of gem on one piece of the armour and another color on another part, or ask for a color of armour that hasn't been specified.

Again, to keep costs reasonable, completion of orders is up to the artist - you cannot change your mind and request colors to be changed once they are ordered, or once you see the final result.

First come, first served - that means that if someone ahead of you orders shiny silver armor with sapphire blue gems and sapphire colored cape - we won't make another exactly the same, though we can certainly make a variation with a different shade of blue and a blue ombre cape, for example.

Questions? Ask Onyx #10 in the Lounge or post your questions here!


It's been some time since we've offered these, so I will be putting Forever Upgrade Tokens in the Cash Shop for 75 beads each. These will be available for ONE WEEK ONLY. For just a little more than upgrading your account monthly for one year, your account will be upgraded for the life of the site and you will enjoy goodies like the free monthly item, twice the dice games, extra items available to earn from playing dice, extra daily quests and extra breeding slots!

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