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Falcon is,

Forever Upgraded as of September 29, 2012. Thanks to ~Timberwolf~ (#23)

Treasels are my loyal minions!

-Things that are love-

Kakashi = <3 Noivern
Middle Earth

Ladybug & Cat

Chibi Skipper by ~LeopardPaw~ (#17457)

*Quality Breeding Guarantee*

Though I can't afford to make a lot of Generation 1 customs, I do have a few now, and some Gen 2 breeding pairs, ect... Most pups will be Gen 3, but I do try and make sure they are at least nicely marked.

Be assured, however, that I do NOT inbreed. I hate inbreeding/line-breeding, its the cheaters way of keeping markings strong. So not even the occasional higher gen pups will be inbred in the slightest.

On that same note: I also will not deny an outside breeding request if the two happen to be related. I don't do it myself and wont buy inbred pups, but if you dont have a problem with it thats fine. It's your choice and your pup.

*Note: It is up to YOU to check lineage before making a breeding request in another person's lair. Dont expect them to look before accepting then come complaining/asking for refunds when the offspring turns out to be inbred.

*My policy on Holding Khimas*

-Yes, I will hold a Khimera if you do not have the full sales amount yet, but I expect the funds to be collected in a Timely Manner, please.

-What does this mean? If you put something on Hold it should be payed off BEFORE you go off buying other things. Don't come and ask me to hold a Khim then go on a shopping spree in someone else lair or store. This includes trading Trinkets for Other Game Currency. Im not going to just sit and wait forever while you buy everything else you want first.

-If you change your mind, thats fine, but at least let me know so I can sell to someone who does want it.

-I show this courtesy to anyone I ask to hold, and expect the same in return.

Favorite Breed: Eccentria

Favorite Hybrid: Uwli

*Current Goals in this game*

-Earn lots of Trinkets/Beads

-Make/get some Customs/Gen 1s (Achieved: x77)

-Make mates for the above customs.

*Wish List*


-Hybrid Chrysalis xMany


-Ten Thousand Birds

-Any Well Sprites I'm missing


An Anuki

A Loparu

...and any other Khimbit of this rarity type that come up in the future.


*Note to self*


-Other Games-

*Open World MMORPG. Download and Play for *FREE!* (Free Level Cap: 110)



Flight Rising

Chicken Smoothie

Lucky Lapine

~~~Dead Games As in, no longer exist :(

Come play with us @



RIP Dragon Adopters, we will miss you. :(
Dragon Adopters. Adopt one, and watch it grow up!

-For the Win!-
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Copper Scare Tactics 2012 Trophy
Copper Paranoia 2012 Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy
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