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Hi there,

thanks for stopping by C; I am Emylee, but calling me Em or Emy is fine too.

I am an adult player (have a son born 1991^^) and care a lot for MY Khimeras. Designing exceptional customs is what I love most to do here, followed by breeding :) I never have enough slots (even with releasing lol), most of my trinkets are spent in expansions :P

My favorite breed are Ayalars (and Sulanas/Arabi lately xD), but I have no problem to fall for others as well - like f. e. Khitsune and Eccentria XD - when they touch me somehow :) My absolutely least fav breed are Anuki...

I live in Germany and therefore am 6 hours ahead Khimeros time, which means I may not be able to react to an action from you right away cus I am deep asleep while its daytime at your place xD

~ Emy

(I am Kiwiana on DC and CS / Emylee on FR and Gryffs / Mystik on Leayph)

My Website: CyberZauber (German)

My B-Day: January 6th (Epiphany, a holiday in some regions of Germany, but unfortunately not mine :p)

More interests:

All my (german) books are available on as ebook and paperback, you can find them on my author's page there:

My current WIP: 4th sequel of my new series about scifi-crime-cosmicwitchcraft-timetravel-stuff (SPACE to SPACE)^^


- I play MMOs for many many years now (yup I am not very young anymore haha), the first was Ultima Online and currently it's BDO This is my blog and ELYON (with my new PC I also tried out ARK in December 2018, but was not very fond of it)
- I am a movie and TV series junkie haha (Favs were f. e.: Foundation, Invasion/Infiltration, Sherlock Holmes, Breaking Bad, TWD, GoT, Dark, Stranger Things, Jessica Jones, Babylon Berlin, Charité)
- I am also following everything Science Fiction and am a huge Marvel/DC fan
- I love all things "space", following ESA and NASA, knowing all the little robots on Mars, laughed and cried about Rosetta & Philae, was sad about Cassini's Farewell and wished I could live for a few hundred years to be able to be there when mankind goes universe...
- I adore Steampunk and Cyberspace stuff. Robots. Cyborgs. Yesss please.
- In summer I read like crazy. On the balcony. Real books. I do not like ebooks. Though I bought a Kindle in 2020 to save money on those real books lol...
- Mangas. Zetsuai and Battle Angel Alita.
- I don't eat meat, but I do not have to quit the taste of it due to all the gorgeous meat replacements that fortunately are on the rise. So there is no more excuse to kill animals for food. Even if it might have been natural to our anchestors, nowadays we don't need meat to survive. Just stop murdering animals.
- Currently I spend huge amounts of time with the new AIs - GPT (Chat) and Midjourney (Art) - just amazing!
- to be continued^^

Look who's talking. Kindergarten.
Update: GOOD NEWS :D


Nas (#2) for this "Free Profile CSS - 2"

The wonderful people that gave me my first Khimeras the first 2 days I joined. Their names are noted in the profiles of the Khims.

All the people who purchased Khims from me and treat them with respect.




1st Trophy (Kai and Tai's Bronze) - August 7th, 2015 :)
2nd Trophy (Kai and Tai's Silver) - August 28th, 2015 :)
3rd Trophy (Kai and Tai's Gold) - October 5th, 2015 :)
4th Trophy (Kai and Tai's Prismatic Crystal at 250) - December 8th, 2015 :)

Of the monthly ones I try to at least get Bronze, but do not really care when I miss a month^^
~ Shinies ~
Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy
February 2016 Bronze Cherry Cordial
June 2017 Gold Halved Avocado Trophy
July 2016 Silver Taco Trophy
August 2016 Silver Cheeseburger Trophy
April 2017 Bronze Marshmallow Pops Trophy
May 2017 Gold Tuna Nigiri Trophy
July 2017 Gold Oyster Rockafeller Trophy
August 2017 Bronze Funnel Cake Trophy
September 2017 Gold Moon Cake Trophy
November 2017 Gold Portabella Trophy
December 2017 Bronze Fruit Cake Trophy
January 2018 Gold Caviar Crostini Trophy
February 2018 Silver Spaghetti Trophy
March 2018 Gold Caramel Bar Trophy
April 2018 Bronze Honeydew Trophy
June 2018 Gold Carrot Salad Trophy
September 2018 Silver Pemmican Trophy
October 2018 Gold Candy Necklace Trophy
November 2018 Gold Rappie Pie Trophy
December 2018 Gold Peppermint Mallow Trophy
January 2019 Silver Tamale Trophy
February 2019 Silver Heart Lolli Trophy
April 2019 Gold Bananas Foster Trophy
May 2019 Silver Cran-pistachio Nougat Trophy
June 2019 Bronze Choco Almond Cluster Trophy
July 2019 Silver Buttered Corn Cob Trophy
August 2019 Gold Infused Water Trophy
September 2019 Gold Chocolate Éclair Trophy
February 2020 Gold Ganache Cake Trophy
April 2020 Gold Ayalar Pop Trophy