Current Trades
View trade | gen 1 gold, looking for offers in form of beads or 1-2 chryses or try me
View trade | none in shops, looking for bead offers or a thunderbird snow eagle chick or the desert jackalope haer kit
View trade | only one in shop is 20 beads, looking for just 15 beads or well another good trade offer

Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Tournament #1 Battle Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy
February 2012 Gold Heart Sugar Cookie Trophy
Ice Sql Catcher Trophy
Copper Marine Festival Scavenger Hunt Trophy
Level 2
October 2012 Gold Candy Corn Trophy
Copper Scare Tactics 2012 Trophy
Bronze Paranoia 2012 Trophy
December 2012 Gold Roasted Chestnut Trophy
May 2013 Gold Fudge Trophy