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Hai' Dere!

** Account now owned by Wolfie!!! Purchased on Feb. 06, 2010.
** Account forever upgraded since 9/24/2012!!! **

SMALL NOTE- I just started working again. Mondays-Fridays I most likely will not be online during the day. Please be patient if you message me or offer on a trade. Thank you!

I work landscaping. During the winter I plow/salt snow. So you might see me pop into chat on my breaks. Mainly late nights.

Other contacts:
Please let me know who you are or I will immediately block you! I get enough spam messages that I tend to block if you don't ID yourself first! TY.
PS Network ID: Wuffenkat (I share with my hubby.)
Discord: DerpWolfie#6713
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Misc Stuff

TY Reh for the lil' mini uni!~ Iz so cute! ^.^

Done by BrokenWing #20729

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Hubby is Apple Authorized Tech, AAST, MCSC, CCNA certified, and an Android and Apple app developer. He is very well versed in PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, MySQLi, PHP with PDO, AJAX, Java, COCOA. If you have any questions about anything, let me know and I'll ask him!

As of Feb. 2024, hubby got his first ASE certification! Go hubby! On the way road to being a master tech car mechanic!

Sooooo, I'm a 43 year old mom to 3 babies. My first being 23, next is 12, and the last is 11 years. I crochet as a hobby, and also sew!

TY Vokiepoo!
Khimeros Stuff
I have plenty of studs! Come take a look around my lair!

Here's how I find my HTML codes for my customs most of the time:

Here's how I find my color combos sometimes.

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Creator Of The Khimeros Wiki!!!

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