Hello! Welcome to my lil slice of heaven.

Yes, I am Irish. 3 generations ago my family had to leave Ireland looking for work and escaping famine. We settled on the West Coast of the US. Oregon and Washington becoming our home. I have a small piece of my homeland in a container. Small chunks of earth smuggled in by some dear friends. lol ... it is illegal to "import" dirt! Who knew? We didn't! lol

I LOVE art! I am an artist and i enjoy seeing other's art. I LOVE music, but am more particular. I do NOT like violence or gore. Yet some of my favorite movies are violent lol. Not a fan of zombies, but i do have a few. lol one of my favorite dragons on Skyrim is a zombie, same with a horse! lol a purply/blue skeletal zombie horse! awesome ^.^

I am on Playstation. I play on the PS3 and 4 as irishnugget. I play all the Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect games, including ESO. I have other games but those are my favorites. Wanna hook up just let me know.


Breed/Stud fees... Most of my khims are available to the public. Average price for stud fee is 50tr. Average price for breed fee is 1,000tr.
Why so high for the females? Because i prefer they are available to me, but if you are willing to pay the price i will let you breed with my females. Simple as that. If a khim is not set for breed/stud it is because they are not available to the public.

I have yet to decline a request, so help yourself :)

** If I own an offspring of one of your khims and you do not want it up for stud/breed and it actually is set up for that, just message me with a link to the khim and I will happily correct the issue. I automatically set most of my khims for stud/breedings to share the love, and I try to pay attention to those that wish otherwise and I want to respect that. But, alas, I am only human and I am certain I miss much. **

I almost always have something in Auctions and/or Trades. If for nothing else than to circulate advertisement to get peeps to come to my lair! ;)
Eh, reminds me, i need to do some breedings and play some more in the demo ... *wanders off*

Trades Deals Holds etc.:

for badgerstripes (#7880)
vintage Steampunk any gender
asadia or lysara non underlay Iguiyena
pair of Calico cubs
female from Gensing x Arion *see pm*
D'Nielle x Daniel x Dionysus x Leeton x Ishtah
Rheagel x Tiamet
asadia cub from Ashton
Bridal Shower ferran *plus a few others*
Dark Passion fabelle, turix, khirin *plus a few others*

<33 Backdrops and tinges!! <33
deco deco deco!
Beads *<--- goes without saying?*
trinkets *ditto*
Firefly potions of all types!!
Inverse Mini Firefly
Enigma potions too!!
Phedrix chrysalis

**<3Demoiselle Crane Birdielegs<3**
*<3*dream chrys*<3*
Leafy Sea Draak
*Smoking Caldera Backdrops (any)*
**Retro Flowers I and II Serums**

color!! fave is red plum
smell of the air after a rain
animals!! faves are horses, birds, rats, cats
time with family and friends
helping others
painting and drawing
waking up to birds chattering


This N That
Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy