About Me
Yallo! My name is Bibbit, and I'm a frog. I use she/fae pronouns. I live in the swamp, so please watch your step while foraging. :3

I’m 22 years old, in college and majoring in biochemistry. I want to go into toxicology eventually.

My lair has a sort of grisly theme. Be aware of this.

I'm SilentChaos's sister.

I love taking khim bases that are usually cute and making a creepy version. Zombat is my favorite example of this so far.

If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know!

(by me)
Other Sites + More Portraits
Flight Rising — Bibbit
Discord — bibbit_

These are the sites I’m on most often, but feel free to ask about any other sites. I’ve travelled far and wide across the internet. XD

(Images link to artists' profile pages on FR.)

Hi! I'm Jack-O'-Jumpscare. Bibbit told me to come up with a wishlist. So, um, I liek....

Current/Recent Events
Filigree Bottle 2/3/7
Frightful Ooze 4/5 (Grimm)
Leather Collar - Black/Fae (Grimm)
Peach Pretty Peonies Majestic Leonine
Pink Pretty Peonies Majestic Leonine
Trick-or-Treat Doodle 4/8/10/11/13/14

Deco Items
Bones, dead plants, mushrooms, and pretty much any scary-looking deco
Alien Crags Backdrop - Night
Bayou Backdrop - Creepy
Blinking Eyes - Electric/Evil/Hallow/Sun
Braid Extension - Green
Chimeric Biting/Seeing Rose
Cinderblock Wall
Disembodied Heart - Zombie
Dragon Vault items
Drooping Tendrils
Examination Table
Fae Mushrooms
Flat Mossy Rocks 1/2
Floating Lotus Lamp 2/3/4
Frozen Puddles
Grasshopper 3
Hanging Moss 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 Natural
Heart Lolli - Broken
Iron Cauldron - Empty
Jumbo Khimbit Chewed Stuffy
Khimbit Dish - Blue/Green/Red
Khomainu Garden Statue 6
Lepiota - Button (deco)
Medieval Ropework Bottle - Golden/Grape/Green/Teal
Moon Wing - Front/Back (or Pack)
Ornate Hummingbird Feeder - Red
Laptop Computer (- Broken)
Pastel Wing - Front/Back (or Pack)
Pot of Suspicious Liquid - Black/Blue/Red
Rainbow Wing - Front/Back (or Pack)
Rounded Mossy Rock 1/2/3/4
Single Rose - Black
Spooky Forest Backdrop - Toxic
Anything - Toxic
Sporulating Body (any and all)
Temperate Rainforest Frog - Blue
Tentacleweed - Emerald/Orange/White
Thorny Tentacleweed - Emerald/Purple/Red/Teal/White
Water Lily 2/3
Wicked Metal Wings
Willowisp - Blue/Cyan/Electric/Evil/Toxic

Fountains and statues
Masquerade items (ask me first, as I have quite a few already. Here are my priority items.)
Mist items
Molten Cores for Sulanas (I have the Draconis ones already.)
Mushrooms from the Special Item Shop

I'd love any chrysalis (except Cabbit or Likorgi), but these are the ones I want the most rn.
Borgon Draak
Necros Foal

Specific Growables
Please PM me if you have a growable that might match one of these descriptions!
A salmon pink Betta, preferably with slightly darker edges (please see the Waffles Project gallery)
A Ringed Squiddum that looks like a blue-ringed octopus (Google it, I love them)
A veined Hibiscus with lovely pastel-edged petals and dark red interior. Pastel colors I still need: pink, orange, yellow, purple. Maybe white as well.
A Veined Hibiscus with brown-edged flowers that look like they're wilting

Other Items
Brindle Leeton’s Dog
Experimental Mushroom Seed (Toxic and Caustic. I can dream.)
Female Eerie Wolfen
Female Miasma Wolfen
Male Thorny Achak
Pattern Addition Potions
Pattern Color Change Potion x2
Any khimbits I don't have in my Den.
(I'm especially interested in Achaks, Necroses, and Necros Foals.)
B E A D n trinket
Detailed Wishlist
Lab-Themed Items
Biochem major, remember? I want to get most of these eventually, but trinkets...
~Alembic Flask - Empty
~Bunson Burner
~Beaker - Full
~Containment Pod
~Containment Tank (- Breached)
~Examination Table
~Eyeball Specimens - Blue/Green/Red
~Eye Wash Bottle - Full
~Florence Flask - Empty
~Gas Jar - Full
~Graduated Cylinder - Empty
~Heart Specimen - Blue/Green/Red
~Laboratory Books 1/2
~Laboratory Light Fixture
~Laboratory Magnet
~Laboratory Potion Stand
~Laboratory Ray - Green/Red
~Ominous Laboratory
~Ominous Laboratory Cliffs
~Ominous Laboratory Plains
~Ominous Laboratory Sky - Inky/Murky
~Pear Flask - Empty/Full
~Retort - Empty
~Secret Laboratory Backdrop - Damp/Dry
~Skull Specimen
Posted on 2022-12-24 17:15:48
Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy

it me
View trade | I'd especially like anything from my wishlist on my profile, but feel free to make other offers too! All these for one item is fine. <3 Especially looking for Frightful Ooze 4 or 5!
View trade | I'd especially like anything from my wishlist on my profile, but feel free to make other offers too! All these for one item is fine. <3 Especially looking for Frightful Ooze 4 or 5!
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