A Bit About Myself:
Hello, I am Synchronicity. You can call me Syn, Sync, or Synchronicity.

Birthday is: September 17th.

To anyone Interested in Knowing: I Love Happy Surprises, and very Colorful things. Beads and Chrysalis's / Tokens are Always Happy Surprises as I Could always do with more Customs. :)

I am a single mother of two beautiful, bright Daughters, born 12 yrs. apart. the oldest is 30, and the youngest is 18, and a Grand Mother to my 7 yr. old Grand Daughter.

I am a Reiki Master/ Teacher, Spiritual Advisor, Crystal Energy Light Worker, Card Reader, Geo-mancy, Channel, Empath, Indigo Child of the 60's, I walk and Live the Native Path, I Practice Shamanic Methods of Healing, I communicate with Animal Spirit Guides, Angelic Guides and Guardians, I work with Stone People, (Stones and Crystals, and their living "Spirits") I love All Animals and All Beings.

I am very easy-going, and Kind, as well as generous. I'm a very Good Listener, if you ever just want to talk, and know that someone is listening, I will be happy to help, if and where I am able to.
I Love Bright colors, Turquoise, Purples, Pinks, Raging Reds, Neon Green, Lemon Yellow, Bright Oranges, Electric Blues, and Blackest Blacks, and Brightest Whites. But they all must be eye-jarring neons! (I don't care for natural, drab colors much.)

I love Rainbows and The Great Amazing Universe and Cosmos, Stormy days, Rain and Thunder storms, Blizzards, Etc...

I like people that are direct and friendly, I like Loyalty in friendships, I like diverse and open- minded individuals.

I don't like Drama on any sort of personal level.
If I Unintentionally offend anyone, please understand that it is UNintentional, as I would not ever go out of my way to upset anyone here or in RL.

I love to hear about peoples lives, and whatever they wish to talk to me about, ( as long as it doesn't involve hurting someone or anything living) and doesn't go against site policies and or guidelines.

********In my Posts in the Forums and in my Pm's I use the word: NAMASTE!********

It is a traditional Tibetan / Indian Greeting that basically means:
" I Honor and Recognize the Light and Goodness/Holiness in you as you Honor and recognize the same in me."
(Or along such lines.)
It is about honoring and showing respect to All Living Beings as if they are you... as we are All Connected to Everyone and Everything in this Universe, since Everything is made up of Star-Dust.

I look forward to making new friends here and having a good time. I don't bite, feel free to send me a PM anytime.

******************NOTICE TO ADMINS & MODS**********************
My youngest Daughter has just joined.
Her name is PUNKETT #25124.
She is being Home-Schooled and will be on and off sporadically throughout the day/night, as I will be logged in most of the time, since there's only one Computer as of right now.
Please do not ban us. This is my Favorite Pet site. Thank you!

I am also on ** Felisfire,** Flight Rising,** Aywas.** Same User Name.

My Khimbits Can Be Found in the Special Items Shop.

Everyone who has helped me out in one way or another, also to Staff for making this a great place to be. :)

WANNABEE [28242] For helping me get beads, and for a retro trunk as well as a 30 Day Up-Grade Token.
As well as the beautiful Gen 2 Blush Rait. From Grims lair.
Also for getting Anuki and trading them for My Decoing Abilities :)
And Thankyou for my very FIRST SET OF CUSTOM CHRYSALIS to make and design my own set of Lyridae! YAY!!!
Also for gifting me Points to help me participate in 2016 Retro Turn In Event, and helping me get some Awesome Deco from this event! Yay!!!
Thankyou for my Very 1st GOLD ONYX CUSTOM! YAY!!! ^_^
Thanks for my Birthday Gifts! Gen.1 Elegan Draak and Elegan Chrysalid! Yay!!! *HUGS* ^_^
Got an Ayalar Chrysalid as well. Yay!!!! My First Custom Ayalar!
Thank You so very much! *HUGS* ^_^
Merry Christmas! Thankyou so very much for my Hybrid Chrysalis, and other goodies! xoxo ^_^ *HUGS*
Thanks sooo much for all of the Trades made with me over this past year that has allowed me to get some amazing BDs, and Cozas as well as the Damaged Chrysalises. YAY!!! :)
Thankyou Bee for my very first Basti Coza!, Rainbow Coza and My Bobtail Malkin Token for my Birthday! Yay!!!! :)
THANK YOU WANNABEE! For Holding the Poetry Contest for this Amazing Wyvirn Special Chrysalis. I am so grateful to have won it!

S.K.VOKE [17398] For Trading me 2 beautiful Gen. 2 Raits as well as Gifting me another, along with some lovely gen 2's to do with as I wish. Also For gifting me my very **FIRST CUSTOM PAIR** on this site! YAY!!!
Merry Christmas! Thanks so very much for the Lovely Gen.2 Christmas Rait! xoxox *HUGS*
Gifted me a Platinum Malkin Token! YAY!!! Thanks sooo Very much! *Hugs!*
Gifted me a Gen.1 Painted Longma Faewyn on:4/1/17. Yay!!! Thanks so very much! xoxox :)

BLACKBOBCAT [6217] For all of the very lovely deco gifts for all of my deco-ing needs. As well as a beautiful Gen 2. Platinum Rock Star Lilia Likos. =^-^= YAY!!
Merry Christmas! Thanks so very much for the Awesome Gen.2 Christmas Kitsune! xoxo ^_^ *HUGS*

EMBARRAUS [24977] For Suprising me with a lovely Gen. 1 CUSTOM Draak wrapped up in a big bow! This is my 3rd Custom Gift on this site!
Thanks so very much! :) YAY!!!

KITTEN19172 [25039] For gifting me 2 very Lovely Gen. 2 Khims! Yay! :)

ANONYMOUS: For the Amazing Gift you sent to me for the Trade in! Thank you soo much for your Kindness and Generosity! You Rock! YAY!!!! ^_^

GRIMOIREDAYS [23309] For Holding the Platinum Khistabit Contest! I WON my very First Custom Khistabit, and Created "Russian Gypsy Fortune Teller" Khistabit. on 10/1/2016.
Thanks soo very Much! ^_^ YAY!!!

TRIPPY [1084] Merry Christmas! Thankyou so very much for All of the Amazing Deco Gifts, The Stunning Gen.2 Rait, and Sens, and My Very First Khomainu Chrysalis! Yay!!!! xoxox *HUGS* ^_^
Thanks for the Gorgeous Coza, and the Crab Apple Trees! :)

ONYX [#INNOCENT] Merry Christmas! Thanks so very much for the Awesome Gen.2. Mandarin Goby Witara Gift! *HUGS! Yay!!! xoxox Thanks so much for the Dragum Coin. :)

ANONYMOUS: Thanks so very much for the Yectlitan Ruins Day BD! *HUGS!*

KORD [DOCTOR] Thanks so much for Hosting the Quetzalcoatl Chrysalis Contest. Yay!!! I won Second Place! xoxox :)

ANONYMOUS: Thanks so very much for the Damaged Chrysalis! Big Hugs! :)

FIBROFRITZI: Thankx so very much for my Bebe Khirin Chrysalis! Yay! BIG HUGS!

ANONYMOUS: Yay! THANKX SO VERY MUCH For the Space Snitten Chrysalis! My very first Snitten Chrysalis Ever! BIG HUGS! :)

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