Arabasti baby
Arabasti sitting
Arabasti sitting snarkily
Arabasti the King
Barn Cat - Black and White
Barn Cat - Brown Tabby
Barn Cat - Ginger Tabby
Barn Cat - Grey and White
Barn Uwl Glitterii - Blue
Barn Uwl Glitterii - Pink
Blue Climbing Frog
Capuchin Monkey
Christmas 2010 Mistletoe
Clydesdale - Bay
Clydesdale - Black
Clydesdale - Blond
Clydesdale - Grey
Dangling Spider
Desert Eagle
Eosian Crane
Eosian Pixi of Grace
Eosian Pixi of Joy
Eosian Pixi of Kindness
Eosian Pixi of Prosperity
Fae Butterfly - Blue
Fae Butterfly - Peach
Fae Butterfly - Red
Fiery Fox Spirit - Natural
Fiery Fox Spirit - Electric
Fiery Fox Spirit - Toxic
Fiery Phoenix Spirit - Natural
Fiery Phoenix Spirit - Electric
Fiery Phoenix Spirit - Toxic
Flutterbye Glitterii - Blue
Flutterbye Glitterii - Green
Flutterbye Glitterii - Purple
Flutterbye Glitterii - Red
Flutterbye Glitterii - Teal
Flying Harvest Crow - Black
Flying Harvest Crow - Pied
Flying Harvest Crow - White
Fuzzy Caterpillar I
Fuzzy Caterpillar II
Fuzzy Caterpillar III
Gila Woodpecker - Green
Gila Woodpecker - Orange
Gila Woodpecker - Yellow
Glittering Flittering Flutterbye - Blue
Glittering Flittering Flutterbye - Peach
Glittering Flittering Flutterbye - Pink
Glittering Flittering Flutterbye - Purple
Glittering Flittering Flutterbye - White
Glittering Flittering Flutterbye - Yellow
Gossamer Butterfly - Blue
Gossamer Butterfly - Orange
Gossamer Butterfly - Yellow
Grasshopper I
Grasshopper II
Grasshopper III
Green Climbing Frog
Green Vine Snake
Harpy Eagle
Hibbary Khimera
Horned Toad - Dark
Horned Toad - Golden
Horned Toad - Green
Hungry Winter Bird I
Hungry Winter Bird II
Hungry Winter Bird III
Hungry Winter Bird IV
Hungry Winter Bird V
Hungry Winter Bird VI
Hungry Winter Bird VII
Iridescent Hummingbird
Jaguar - Golden
Jaguar - Ruddy
Jeweled Cenzontle - Iridescent
Jeweled Cenzontle - Natural
Koi Pond
Ladybug I
Ladybug II
Ladybug III
Lapine Glitterii - Blue
Lapine Glitterii - Brown
Little Kitten One - Blue Calico
Little Kitten One - Brown Calico
Little Kitten Three - Brown Tabby
Little Kitten Three - Orange Tabby
Little Kitten Two - Blue
Little Kitten Two - Red Point
Long-tailed Hummingbird
Lunix Sprite Equip
Lyre-tailed Hummingbird
Macaw - Blue and Gold
Macaw - Green and Gold
Macaw - Red and Blue
Macaw - Yellow and Blue
Male Arabi Sprite Equip
Male Haer Sprite Equip
Male Hsulan Sprite Equip
Male Kaze Sprite Equip
Male Luna Sprite Equip
Male Martenleon Sprite Equip
Male Ocela Sprite Equip
Male Panthira Sprite Equip
Male Phoenix Sprite Equip
Male Snow Eagle Sprite Equip
Male Storm Wolf Sprite Equip
Male Wyrn Sprite Equip
Mallard - Duckling I
Mallard - Duckling II
Mallard - Female
Mallard - Flying
Mallard - Male
Mallard - V Formation
Martenwyrn Sprite Equip
Meadow Butterfly - Emerald
Meadow Butterfly - Sapphire
Meadow Fox
Meadow Friend I
Meadow Friend II
Mephiti Glitterii - Teal
Mephiti Glitterii - Violet
Miniature Donkey - Grey
Moth Butterfly - Brown
Moth Butterfly - Red
Moth Butterfly - Silver
Moth Butterfly - Teal
Moth Butterfly - Violet
Onyx - Hissy
Onyx - Sitting
Peccary - Brown
Peccary - Grey
Philodendron - Spring
Philodendron - Striped
Philodendron - Variegated
Phin I - Blue
Phin II - Blue
Pink Climbing Frog
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Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Second Annual Bronze Chocolate Hunt Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy
April 2012 Silver Chocolate Bunny Trophy
Copper Marine Festival Scavenger Hunt Trophy
Level 2
Copper Scare Tactics 2012 Trophy
Gold Paranoia 2012 Trophy