Hey everyone! I have important updates for anyone concerned about me:
So, as a lot of you might have noticed, I've not really been on all that much lately. I have missed all of you so much! I hope to be on more often in the near future! :) Anyway, a few updates on me:

I GOT A DOG!!! His name is Indy (short for Indiana Jones), and he is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Follow him on Instagram @indy_cavalier_01.05
Also, follow Apricot (my orange tabbycat) @apricot.05.10

Shows I've done:
Madagascar Jr (2019)
Frozen Jr (2020, shut down halfway through production because of Covid)
Annie (2022, 24 hour musical through school, we rehearsed and performed a musical with only 24 hours to do so)
Driver's License: A Coming of Age Playlist (2022, played Emily (my first speaking part ever!), was a featured dancer, had two singing solos, a lyrical partner dance, and had about 17 costumes)
Footloose (2022, was a Bomont teen and choir member, cast size of only 26 members)
Radium Girls (2022, played Society Woman and Harriet Roeder (pronounced "reader"), had a total of 19 lines, 3 of which were paragraphs)
Beauty and the Beast (2023, 24-hour musical, Villager)
The Drowsy Chaperone (2023, Maid & Monkey)
The Music Man (2023, Salesperson, River City Teen, Featured Dancer)
Backwords Broadway (2023, it's basically Miscast, if you've heard of that (if you haven't, look it up, it's really funny), I'm singing Santa Fe from Newsies)

This year and the past two years (Fresh. and Soph. of HS), I have been on my school's Girls' Bowling Team. Both past years, I have had so much fun with the team, and I am hopefully looking to branch out and bowl competitively outside of the season during the school year. This past season, I was working with a fitted-grip on my ball, and bowled my career high of 199 at the regionals competition! I unfortunately did not make it to sectionals, but the odds are looking good for me to go next year!

School keeps me busy outside of theater, but I try my best to be on here when I can!

Anyway, I hope y'all aren't too worried about me, and know that you can reach out to me at any time via dm/pm to vent, or just to catch up! <3

You have had many great travels through the lands of Khimeros, and you’re visiting the beach to check out the Chrysalis Cave right now. As you make your way in the direction towards the cave, you notice a large, enchanted forest hugging the beach. The forest seems warm and inviting, and the aroma of a field of flowers on a warm summer’s day lures you inside.

As you enter this forest, the trees almost form a tunnel-like path leading you in. The peaceful, calming essence of the forest guides you down this natural path until you meet a cave’s entrance. Just standing before this mystical cave fills you with joy and a welcoming sensation, almost like the cave is beckoning you to come inside. With no reason to turn away, you decide to explore the cave.

The cave itself is dimly lit, only a few cracks in the ceiling are letting light through. It is just enough light to see clearly, so you keep going. It is not long until the cave opens up into a massive area, this area is filled with light that pools in from the ceiling. It is so bright you almost forget you are standing in a cave. A few beasts roam in this area, going in and out of various tunnels. The two nearest tunnels have signs above them. There is one on the left with a beautifully drawn sign reading “Growables for sale/trade.” To the right is an equally gorgeous sign reading “Sales!” The other tunnels seem to open up into larger areas, each with its own, unique environment. Beautiful and majestic beasts fill the areas beyond the tunnels. You decide to enter a tunnel that opens to a vast valley.

You only take a couple of steps into this huge area when you feel a gust of wind blow past you. You turn around only to see nothing there, however, when you turn back you see a massive Dreamcatcher Esperi Draak towering over you. You take a step back from this rather large creature when you hear someone speak.

“Hello!! I’m Lizy!” You look down and see a bouncing kitten at the draak’s feet. The kitten is a cute little dilute calico with beautiful white wings and she is looking up at you with her large, amber eyes. The Esperi Draak leans in to sniff you. “That’s Elaine’s Wish. She is my prized khimera,” Lizy says, “I love khimeras! I can even understand what they are thinking or trying to say.” She states as she gestures to the numerous khimeras wandering around.

“It’s nice to meet you, Liz. I’m—” Lizy politely interrupts you.

“Please call me Lizy, Liz is a moderator of this land and I don’t wish to be confused with LizBlackDog.”

“My apologies, Lizy,” you nod in understanding. “This place is amazing; how did you make all these environments?” You say as you look around the valley.

“I had help from a good friend.” Lizy replies, “They helped me put spells on the smaller caves to make specific environments to fit each khimera’s needs. That way all the khimeras are happy!” Lizy gives you a big smile. “Well, it was really nice meeting you!! I gotta run, though. You should come to the Lounge sometime; I love to hang out there! Sometimes I have a little too much fun there,” Lizy gives an impish grin. “Oh!! Feel free to check out the rest of my lair though, and be sure to stop by my Growables for sale/trade and my Sales! And you are welcome to browse my shop! Anyway, hopefully I’ll see you later!” Lizy takes off in a rush leaving Elaine’s Wish to guard her lair. “Oops! Almost forgot!” Lizy comes bolting back to quickly grab a cute little plush. “Can’t leave home without Apricot!” She takes the little orange and white kitten plushie and disappears into the entrance cave. Looking around the area you decide to explore further.

~~OMG! More about me!~~

Lives: In the Black Hole of my mind and bedroom.
Birthday: Christmas Eve!
Fave Holiday: Christmas! ('Cause then my birthday is technically included. I like the entire Christmas season, not just the one day.)
Fave Colors: Daffodil yellow, forest green, sage green, olive green, lilac, white, and black.
Fave Candy: Anything sour and/or gummy (double-yum if it's both!) (Sour patch, Warheads, Trolli, etc.)
Fave Number: 7, 13, 16, Pi, and the age that I'm turning (atm, 17). I also like the number 3, but it's only ever my lucky number when the options are any numbers less than 7.
Fave Flower: Gardenias! I LOVE Gardenias! 1) They smell super pretty! 2) They are very delicate, making them super special. If you touch them, they turn yellow. 3) They were my grandma's favorite flower before she died. The main reason why I like them so much is in memory of my grandma.
Fave Season: Don't get me wrong, I love a nice, white Christmas, but Summer is my favorite season! I'm not a huge fan of snow. I only like it when it looks pretty. Plus, winter makes it hard to have birthday parties.
Fave Animal: Cats!!! (Any and all cats! Asadias, house cats, big cats, wild cats, fantasy cats, flying cats...)
Pets: Right now, I have a pet cat named Apricot. He was born on May 10th, 2020, so right now he is 2 years old. :) I fostered him as a kitten and he cries a lot, but he is super sweet, so it's worth it! His favorite toy is a mylar ball. (He goes crazy for 'em!)
In-Game Persona: In the land of Khimeros, I take the form of a small, fluffy, dilute calico kitten with white wings. I have large, amber/golden eyes, and I can fly using my wings. I am bright, playful, and peppy, and occasionally a little over dramatic. I love to hang out in the chat with my friends. I am very gentle and careful when taking care of my pets (khims and bits). Even though all of them are bigger than me, none of them would ever hurt a fly, unless that fly tried to hurt me. XD If you are this far into my profile, you have probably already met Elaine's Wish. In Khimeros, she is in memory of my grandma, who passed in 2019. This way, she will always be close to my heart. :)
Fave Khimera Bases: I LOVE the Space Snitten, Batatu, Flyger, Likorgi, Pandix, Joyful Lyridae, and all Eccentria bases. I also like the Cheshire and Asadia Cub bases, but they aren't my favorites. Bases that I do NOT like: Grimm, Blob, Borkel, Scrum, and most Uwila bases.
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I am trying to get deco items for a deco service. I have a wishlist located in my journal! (And it hasn't been updated in a while...I should probably do that...)


Other Games I Play!

Here are the other games I play. If you want to join, just let me know by pming me here on Khimeros!

HorseWorldOnline - HWO is a fun sim game featuring... You guessed it! Horses! They have over 300 breeds of horse that you can own! When you first join, they start you off with a tutorial to show you how everything works, then you try it yourself! It's really fun, and I enjoy it the second most, with Khimeros being the game I like the most. However, I have recently had barely any time for Khimeros, and therefore have been forced to pick which site I go to. Khimeros is more important, so I have not been on HWO in months at least. But if you still want to check it out, then click the link to go to the website!

Flight Rising - I recently joined this game, and am and still learning the ropes. :) On there, I am NataliStarra. (I will get a link soon, but I need to do other things now.) Anyway, this game is dragon-focused, unlike Khimeros, which has all sorts of diverse animals.
~~TYs & Masters!~~
~~I OWE~~
No one anything! (At the moment...)
(Don't "owe" her this, but this a reminder to myself that I am working on an overlay trade with Derd, and I should check my dms for more info.)

~~ MY MASTERS!!! ~~

~~ Thank Yous! ~~

- Khimeras -

Thank you to Najawarie for trading with me and giving me the Beagle Bobtail Malkin Asadia for my friend.

- Deco -

Thank you to the anonymous gifter who gave me a TON of deco soon after I joined this amazing community. If you ever decide to reveal yourself, I would like to pm you to give you a special thanks.

- Chrys -

- Other -

Thank you to FibroFritzi for everything you have given me. It has now become so much that I can't even name everything.

Thank you to all of you for your kindness and open arms for accepting me into your community.
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~~Apricot's Diary!~~
Hi! I know I posted earlier about Lizy's wishlist, but I just wanted to update...*surprised Merow* NOOOoooo! Leave me alone! Put me down! *is rescued by Lizy* Thanks! Anyway, as I was saying, I wanted to update you about how I am doing! Lizy's brothers NEVER leave me alone, and it's so annoying and frustrating! I just want to be left alone for onc-oof! *to Lizy's brother* Stop! Meowr! *Lizy's brother finally leaves* Sorry about that...Like I said, they hardly ever leave me alone, aside from when they're sleeping. It's terrible! Well, I gotta go now! Bye!
Posted on 2020-11-23 21:04:58