Terms of Service

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You must read the ENTIRE Terms of Service (hereafter called "TOS") before playing the site. By using khimeros.com (hereafter called "the site") you agree to these terms.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a private website. That means that we have the right to refuse an account to any person regardless of account status. Accounts will be closed if we see suspicious activity including but NOT limited to: multiple accounts created around the same time and having the appearance of being created by the same person, accounts that claim to be created by friends or siblings but behaving like mule accounts, accounts that appear substantially suspicious in any way. We have a zero tolerance policy for users who create accounts that appear to have been created for the sole purpose of trolling or causing disruption.

All site content belongs to Khimeros Entertainment (hereafter called "Khimeros") and/or its respective owners. Do not copy, distribute, or in any way use site content without permission. "Site content" refers to all images, characters, story-lines, coding, layout, and any other elements of the site framework. Site content does not refer to content submitted or displayed by a user unless otherwise granted.

Khimeros will never try to claim any user-submitted writing, art, or intellectual property except in the case where it is posted as a suggestion or idea for improvement for the site, or as a contest entry. In such cases, you grant Khimeros the right to use any such content in any way seen fit for the purpose of developing the site.

The site may display content that is not owned by Khimeros. User submitted content is the sole responsiblity of the user who submits it. You are responsible for all content you upload to the site, and accept liability for any infringement of copyright. Khimeros reserves the right to remove any content without compensation.

Privacy and Identity
We value your privacy and will never sell or give out your private information, including email address, to a third party except in the case of investigation into theft/fraud or other illegal/suspicious activities.

Khimeros staff will never contact users from any account other than khimeros@gmail.com. We will never ask for your password. Do not give any personal information/account information to anyone who contacts you from any other email address and report any such incidents to staff immediately.

You agree not to disclose or request any identifying personal information on site, such as an address, phone number, etc. If you disclose this information, Khimeros is not responsible for any situation that results from this disclosure. You agree not to impersonate another person, real or fictional, for any reason, including, but not limited to, the intention to scam, defame, or hide your true identity.

Account Use
You are responsible for the activity on your account and for keeping your account secure. Do no reuse your Khimeros password or login on other sites. If you feel your account has been compromised please submit a help desk and change your password.

Khimeros is a site intended for older teens and adults, and users are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous way. You agree to follow all rules outlined in the Global Communication Rules.

You are allowed only ONE(1) account and agree to use this account in an honest and fair way. You agree to follow all rules outlined in the Account Rules. Pay special attention if you currently or have ever shared an internet connection with another user.

"Account content" refers to all currency, pets, and items earned by you, including the account its self. By transferring, selling, trading, or otherwise removing any account content, you release all limited rights to those things. You may not sell or trade any account content for real world currency, goods, or services, the only exception being 100% original art created by yourself.

Exploiting glitches, scamming, or utilizing cheats, hacks, or anything designed to play the game for you is not allowed.

There may be additional rules for specific areas of the site or events. You are expected to follow the respective rules of those areas or events if you choose to participate.

If you are frozen for violating the TOS, you are subject to permanent loss of your account, items, pets, and virtual currency without compensation.

Virtual Currency
"Beads" are a virtual currency. You are entitled to use this virtual currency on-site for as long as the site exists, and as long as the TOS is not violated/your account remains in good standing. Purchasing account content with beads does not release any ownership or rights held by Khimeros. Beads have no real world currency value once purchased. Khimeros reserves the right to decline all refunds or exchanges for previous bead purchases.

When purchasing beads, you guarantee that you are entitled to use the funds with which you are paying. Charge-backs and fraudulent use of funds may result in the deletion of items, a permanent site ban, and/or legal action.

Khimeros is not legally liable for any losses or damages caused by use of the site.

Khimeros offers service "AS-IS" and does not guarantee function or availability.

Updated March 30, 2015
Changes to the TOS will be announced via site news. It is your responsibility to read the site news and any updates to the TOS. Should you decide at any time that you cannot abide by the TOS, you agree to immediately terminate your use of the site.