HI there, you have some how wondered onto my profile. I will have you know, that I am in chat a lot.

Things you might need to know, I am a guy, I was born on Jan 3 1990. Just add ten to the current years last two digits and you get how old I am. Got to love simple math.

I am a nice, person generally, if I do not seem to be so, its usually because of a miss understanding. I am a person who tells people if they annoy, hurt, bother, or are disrespectful to me. I enjoy and take delight on clearing anything up you might have miss understood or thought rude.

Thats pretty much it, if you wish to trade with me, know I do not like kiger one single bit, and I am a deco oriented person. I love deco.

This being said the sections below might benefit you greatly.


Sincerly wolf H howling. ALL my overlays are 100% breedable. They are "% and excluded to a gender because I think ya'll should have a challenge getting your overlays, not because I want you to not breed them, but to actually cause a little challenge to to stem the flow of a couple hundred of them floating about unless I want that. Some are just female only because it needs to be the way."

This overlay and any other overlay from my g1s are repeat 100% you breed them for overlays as much as your little heart likes. My retired Plats, some times come out of the their retirment to produce a few new g2s if there aren't any "breeding overlays" going on. which is sad. Breed g1000s for all I care. These overlays are ment to be fun little things for you guys to breed willy nilly so please do that.. -_- I'm geting fusterated by people assuming my overlays are "Pixle paper weight "or "pizle space hog "so please.. just breed them for overlays.

Sincerly howl.
p.s. So please stop buying peoples g3 productions to release. because you think I don't want to breed them. -_- I DO WANT THEM TO BREED OVERLAYS. thanks.
The plats I have Done have been moved Here
First journal entry
The plats that I currently Do not know the name of are listed here:

Currently done.
? ( hasn't got a name yet) unigon Garnet done
1 co ops for Garnet To licker needs done
1 kitty co op done for Garnet Done
Possible affectionate Tainted 1 ( need to see if PSD is borked yet) Pastel colors left purple right pink, Mint green, lemon Done
Ardaga - Scarf and Done
Double Dragon - Sleepy Azu, Permission to go nuts XD
All 6 pern color snappers ( storme) done XP
forest spirit Malkin done
steampunk Larny fea done
Need Sparkle space * done
Sub *jeweled Sateen* Working on now

Things that need done XD

Mine * laughs* 1 done


Forest Nomad Sateen ( done and on thread) ( claimed by Garnet)
Yule Stag ( don and on thread)
Crystal Sun Korenth ( Done and on thread)
The Ancient Evil Woodbine ( done and on thread) Claimed Larny
Setting Sun wood bine ( done and on thread) Claimed Larny
Rudolph Stag ( claimed by larny) ( no glow nose)
vixen stag ( claimed by storme)
Blue trance woobdine * on thread*
Yule Korenth * on thread*
Pie bald stag all ready claimed.
Garents Garnet orchide stretch bit plat

I am Rose wolf, Rose, Lenore, or Mrs' howl.

I end my chat messages when were both in the chat with Rw.

No, sharing an account works best for us, I know my Howl, and the no gifting rule would drive him nuts. He's cute like that, really he is.

If you have questions, concerns, or wish to contact me personally, just title the message with Mrs Howl, Rw, Rose wolf, Lenore, or Rose. I will get to it as soon as my secretary, I mean boy friend informs me I have a message.

I never said I was an Angel, I am a bit of a wicked trickster.
My favorite color is Green, the same as Howls.
I love roses, wolves, children, and often use, hun, sweety, or some other term of endearment when talking to people.
I can spell and use grammar a little better then Howl. It really has taken a hit, since I became a pharmacist. After so many doctors Rx's you start thinking in doc short hand. Its terrible.

Any way, the hunt shall go on for my Little character, or Oc pick. Khimsona I guess you can call it.

The big dodo bird, finally Proposed, and I am the cute dodo that said yes LOl
Plats I have done List

Celtic forest spirit


flaming evil peacock phoenix
Carousel Horse
Dark Kiss
Natures Golem


Fennec Fox
Natures's Magic Carousel fox

Mediating Brown
Eternal Guardian
Galaxy Dragon


corrupt forest god
Forgotten Rune Tablet
HIdden Galaxy
Imperial Princess
Ocean Trance
Opalescent Gem


Monstrous Dream
Celestial Tiger
Cosmic Bowling
Cherry Blossom Summer
Cynical Feline
Demons fire
Haunted Ocean Spirit
Miss Jewel
Summer Butterfly
Monarch Manx
Royal Gold
Siamese Ragdoll Manx
whispers of a ghost


KPS Message Rapteryx


Crystal Ivory
rarity (ruth)
pretty green
silly blue
tropical dream
Galaxy's Wanderer
Space Cadet

Baby t rex

Mich " firestarter" McSparky * mine*
Mushroom king


Wullfin * owned by tained1)
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Copper Marine Festival Scavenger Hunt Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy