I'm an artist from Germany and love to draw characters of mine and various fanarts.

I love to play on petpages and have an account on subeta (Username: Ares) and do some commissions there =).

If somone is interessted in my art, here are my main galleries and social medias:


Gold & Platinum Khimeras
Sorry to say that but after the newest clarification regarding Gold and Platinum Khimeras I stop selling/trading my Golds and Platinums.
I have a very small list of people I still will breed some of my golds for That people will get a mail.
Sorry for all others.
The only way now to get a Gold/Plat of mine in some way is to buy the bit version.

Platinum Premades:

A thread of my premade Platinums can be found HERE

Flight Rising Stuff:

Flight Rising stuff I sell for beads can be found HERE

Jamie done by me.
My Master items
Here you can see all the Master items I own. I am allways open to trade Master item copies for copies of mine.

Ultimate Platinum Tokens:

Grey Guardian:


Guardian of Light:


Platinum Tokens:

Hybrid Dragon Batatugon:

Bebe Ki Circle:

Hybrid Dragon Wild Doggon:

Master Khimbits:

Master items:

Platinum Khimera Bits:

Gold Khimera Bits:

Altered Platinum Base
Some of my newer art I did with my new grafic tablet and some with colored pencils.



Santiago and Jamie:



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