This marvelous picture of Heruilya was done by Wolfschaap (#240).

The tag showing Haru was done by Kurotora (#806).
I've decided to follow the style of Trinka's Wishlist, because it fits so well with my own desires. XD

Current most wanted:
Red, pink, and white rose topiaries. I have none of them.

Cash Shop Items I'd Love More of:
Glitter Star serum
Mizu and Lotus serums
White Climbing Roses

Cash Shop Items I'd Like More of:
Red Ear Rose
White Ear Rose
Pink Clematis Trellis
Purple Clematis Trellis
Fae Mushrooms

Old Quest Items I Still Want:
Pink Hyacinth
Purple Hyacinth

Other things I can't get enough of:
Any bamboo!
Zen stones!
Cotton grass
Wheat grass
Rain puddle!
stormy rain
All chrysalises

Khimbits Needed:
Flutterbyes and Carbuncles I don't have in my den

Duplicate Khimbits Wanted:

Khimeras WANTED:
All the khirins! [/b]149 out of 185[/b]
Gen 2 Panthiras & Draakiths I like that I don't have :)

I like trading and just talking. Please, don't hesitate to PM me. And if you see something in my shop you'd like, but it's too expensive, PM me and I'll see if we can make a deal. :D
I'm willing to breed any of my custom pairs upon request. Just ask. :)

Owl-Cat, #1226

Out of Lair Breeding
Almost all of my khims are up for breeding, including many of my gen 1s. If you see one that you'd like to breed to that doesn't have a fee, please message me and I'll get it set up for you. I accept all requests ( I don't care whether or nor you inbreed pixels). The only time I'll reject a breeding request is if it is set to a lower price for a friend, is part of a prearranged breeding trade, I've been asked not to breed it, or if I'm planning on breeding to the female before your offspring would be born. :D

A Note on Sales Khims
Any khim that is for sale will be priced for sale and will be in one of my two sales lairs. If it isn't priced, it isn't for sale. Thank you :D

A Note on Released Khims
If I bought and released one of your khims it wasn't because I thought your khim was ugly; It was because it was cheap and I needed breeding slots. When I need more breeding slots I just take the cheapest khims that come up, including my own if they fall into that category. Thanks for reading this :D

Trades to complete:
See individual gen 1 khirin profiles
Heard rumors of aliens in the swamps. Foolishly taken in and went to confirm rumors. Got nothing for my pains except mud and bug bites. Should never have believed such wild rumors.

*"Mee ne, mee neep, meeee neeee mee ne neep. Mee ne, mee neep, mee ne neep me."
Posted on 2012-06-01 09:13:42
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April 2011 Gold Strawberry Trophy
May 2011 Bronze Cup of Tea Trophy
August 2011 Gold Icepop Trophy
Second Annual Bronze Chocolate Hunt Trophy
December 2011 Gold Candycane Trophy
January 2012 Gold Cocoa with Marshmallows Trophy
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May 2012 Gold Sugared Pansy Trophy
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November 2012 Silver Pumpkin Pie Trophy
October 2012 Bronze Candy Corn Trophy
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December 2012 Gold Roasted Chestnut Trophy
February 2013 Gold Candy Heart Trophy
March 2013 Gold Orange Slice Trophy
April 2013 Gold Jelly Bean Trophy
May 2013 Gold Fudge Trophy
June 2013 Bronze Cherry Trophy
July 2013 Gold Iced Mocha Trophy
August 2013 Gold Flan Trophy
September 2013 Gold Ice Cream Sandwich Trophy
October 2013 Gold Carrot Sticks Trophy
November 2013 Silver Turkey Leg Trophy
January 2014 Gold Bubbly Trophy
February 2014 Gold Meringue Trophy
March 2014 Silver Chocolate Mousse Trophy
April 2014 Bronze Gingersnap Trophy
July 2014 Gold Peach Trophy
August 2014 Gold Fruit Smoothie Trophy
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