Hekate the Toxic Creed
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Age: 23, Will be 24 October 5th
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The Vampire Take Over
Aidenell's Offspring are growing in Number, the Vampire Army is about to take over!

Other Places you Can Find Me:
Dragon Cave

I am an Artist, to some extent though the majority of my artwork these days are just simple sketches. You can see my artwork on my DA Page: TestamentHellen

I will do Free Breedings with my close friends, just ask me and I'll set the price to 1 Trinket for you so you can breed.

If you request a breeding and I like the pair don't be shocked if I ask if we can breed the pair again. It just means I would love to have one of the offspring myself ^^

Once I get a good number of Khim's I am more than likely going to help others out who are new to this game as well. So don't be shocked if you see me somewhere down the road giving away free Khim's to everyone as well ^^

I do not care if you buy a pup and inbreed it with others of it's line. For the most part these pets are just pixels on a screen and I am not going to get worked up if the daddy knocks up the daughter. Or if the Mother gets knocked up by the son. While I used to hate the concept and idea of Inbreeding, at this point I don't care. I'm not going to be HOMFG OCD about you doing such things with my pups.

Not to mention I find it down right silly (if a bit stupid) to get so worked up over pixel pets on a screen. It's not like they are /real/ and doing it in real life *shrugs* If anyone has an issue about me buying a Male/Female pair that are related to each other and breeding them by all means feel free to message me. I have the right to decline these requests and breed my khimera's at my discretion.

Once a Khimera leaves my Possession it is YOURS to do with as you wish and I have no control over what you do with the pet after I have sold/given it to you. This goes for everyone really, once you sell/trade it it's no longer yours to control.

I will not tolerate anyone QQing or BAWLING about my choice in line breeding or inbreeding. I play this game how I play this game you play it how you play it. Being uppity, snotty or just plain rude about it will not make me enjoy your actions anymore.

I understand wanting certain khimera's to be 'rare' but in the end once that Khimera you sell LEAVES YOUR POSSESSION it is not your to control. While I try my best to follow rules placed by other players I will not tolerate being restricted in my own ways of playing on this site.

As another note, if you didn't want them to be bred then why make the parents and sell the offspring to begin with? And if you didn't want inbreeding why not make TWO pairs so that interbreeding can be had?

My Mom also plays on Khimeros! Winnowillow #8112

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Clothing for my Character, Female.


And any Khimbits that are not in my Den

Thank you to Ramza for the Male Toxic Necros ^^
Thank you to my mom for the Female Stone Saber, Albino Crole, and Female Black Woolabit ^^
Possible Customs

Aidenell The Vampire King
'Mated' To: Spirit Shadow
Permanent Mate: Morganis
Created May 11, 2011

Morganis The Vampire Queen
Mated To: Aidenell
Created June 10, 2011

Lord Lu Bu
Mated To: Diao Chan
Created July 11, 2011

Lady Diao Chan
Mated To: Lord Lu Bu
Created July 13, 2011

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