Hello and welcome to my profile! Please enjoy your visit! Oh and I hope you find what you need! Whatever you may want.... like a chat or maybe a peek at my sales or giveaway lair :)
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List of Khirin Trades:

Manticore- Starry Night; City Night - Both
Syra Moon - Warrior's Redemption - ?
Sneal - Lava Lamp; Army - Both
Trippy - Light Graffiti - Abstract
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Anyways, I'm Hidden :) I like animals (exspecially dragons and wolves :3) and drawing (sometimes, unless it's not a good day and my art work.... stinks). I alos enjoy talkings with friends and giving away Khims.... (*cough*to clear *cough* my lair *cough* ^^) So yeah. Lots of times I run out of stuff to say and thats when the "um's" and "uh's" come out XD Other wise... I uh.... nevamind, I hvae nothing more to say ^^ Have a nice day/night/whatever!

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Found tag (:O)
Khirins coming soon :D:D:D !

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