Ultimately, be serious about your offer/message.

Please be respectful to me, and I will respond as quickly as I am able to try and work the deal out with you.

I'm generally a very easy person to work with and understanding, however, due to so many recent incidents on here regarding trades, I'm tired of being jerked around and having my time wasted on trades that don't pan out.

Be direct about what you want from me and what you have to offer for it. I don't appreciate having to message back and forth and have to ask you 'what do you have to offer,' and then 'what do you want for it,' etc etc. Please just state in your first message, "I'd like to offer you 'x' for this 'z' item of yours." Or, alternatively, "I'm in interested in 'x' item of yours. I have this list of items for trade, with what I value them listed next to each item. If any of those interest you, please let me know which." That way it's direct to the point, and we can both get to the final deal much faster than constant back and forth messaging that leads to nowhere slowly.

Do NOT message me about trades only to cancel your offer shortly after only waiting a few minutes to a couple hours (and never giving me a chance to even SEE your trade or message). I make decisions on trade offers AS SOON AS I SEE YOUR OFFER(s). I don't spend my life on the computer much less on this site, I have things that need attending to in the real world. However, I usually check on here at least twice a day, and usually more. These check ins may be brief, but I will address any pending trade offers at those times. There is no excuse for that I didn't "respond fast enough" or that I "ignored you."

I'm primarily looking for only site currency, or preferably site currency from I may be convinced to trade for items that exceed the currency value that I'm looking for, with the thought in mind to eventually sell those items for a little more of a profit. Such trades are at my discretion, as some items I don't feel are easy sells. However, it never hurts to make me a surprise offer on a trade- You never know, I might accept it.

My grumbles here are not based on any one incident and not solely based on interactions from just this site. I'm just very tired of having my time wasted. Thank you if you've taken the time to read my wishes here, and I really don't bite. ^^


No active trades.
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