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Hi there! I'm Timberwolf.
Feel free to message me at anytime, questions, comments or anything.
I try to keep a good number of khimeras up for public breeding though you are free to breed to any of them, simply send me a message if the one you want to breed to doesn't have a fee set. I have pretty standard fees of 100 trinkets for anything from generations 1-5. Sometimes there are, for example, when a new breed or alt is released etc. PM me if you want to discuss another fee for these.

Once a khimera is set for breeding I accept any and all requests. As I don't care if you inbreed pixels or not, the only time I'd ever refuse a breeding is if it was a privately arranged breeding set up for a specific person.
I even have my Fenniks available for breeding!

I also try to have a nice selection in my sales group. I also do customized breedings so if you see a pair of mine that you think will produce nice offspring PM me about breeding the two for you.
If you would like a khim from my sales and/or a customized breeding but are short on trinkets/beads I do accept festival tokens for any we might currently be having onsite.
I can also hold khims for a short if you need more time to acquire funds.

Gold / Platinum Customs:
Many seek to acquire these by purchasing offspring or breeding. I have several gen 1 gold and platinum customs (can be found in customs section) as well as gen 2s. My gen 2 golds/platinums are not searchable so if you want to see what I have look in the overlay section. As always if you have any questions PM me.

Looking for a Flood Khimera? Check out
The Quarantine Zone
Anything named for sale is up for grabs. Don't see what you are looking for there? Send me a PM. Don't know what a Flood Khimera is?
Click below to learn more: