The Galleria
Nova Explosion
Child of the Seventies
Woman of the turn
I breathe the swamps near NYC and
Dance, eat, dress up, run around

I aged young.
Here on out
I give free reign to impulses
Don't guard dignity - no time for that

I'm having a ball :D

Thank you for this place.
Tech Tick Tock
Pending Deals
January 2012 In exchange for a custom fairy khirin khimbit copy, I await the following Gen 2 Khirin babies:

KodaijinYurei (#72) - Ephemeral Khirin, gender female

Waiting for Starry's Khirin End of the Worlds baby :D

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Labors Rewarded
Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy
August 2011 Silver Icepop Trophy
September 2011 Gold Leaf Trophy
October 2011 Silver Apple Trophy
November 2011 Gold Fortune Cookie Trophy
December 2011 Gold Candycane Trophy
January 2012 Gold Cocoa with Marshmallows Trophy
February 2012 Gold Heart Sugar Cookie Trophy
March 2012 Gold Marshmallow Twist Trophy
April 2012 Gold Chocolate Bunny Trophy
May 2012 Gold Sugared Pansy Trophy
June 2012 Gold Sprinkled Doughnut Trophy
July 2012 Gold Blueberries Trophy
Copper Marine Festival Scavenger Hunt Trophy
Level 2
August 2012 Gold Snowcone Trophy
November 2012 Gold Pumpkin Pie Trophy
September 2012 Gold Chocolate Milkshake Trophy
October 2012 Gold Candy Corn Trophy
Bronze Scare Tactics 2012 Trophy
Silver Paranoia 2012 Trophy
December 2012 Gold Roasted Chestnut Trophy
January 2013 Gold Strawberry Jam Shortbread Trophy
February 2013 Gold Candy Heart Trophy
March 2013 Gold Orange Slice Trophy
April 2013 Gold Jelly Bean Trophy
May 2013 Gold Fudge Trophy
June 2013 Gold Cherry Trophy
July 2013 Gold Iced Mocha Trophy
August 2013 Gold Flan Trophy
September 2013 Gold Ice Cream Sandwich Trophy
October 2013 Gold Carrot Sticks Trophy
November 2013 Gold Turkey Leg Trophy
January 2014 Gold Bubbly Trophy
February 2014 Gold Meringue Trophy
April 2014 Bronze Gingersnap Trophy