I collect Mushroom and Toadstool related things, especially 'bits!

Let me know if you have any you're willing to part with :)

Dar's Wishlist:

Khirin Wish List

Draakith Wish List

Panthira Wish List - under construction

Master Items: Pretty much anything, especially elementals and carbuncles and quetzals, and any plant or mushroom.

Cash Shop Items

September Monthly Treasure 2015 or:
Big Top Backdrop - Night, Circus Animal Pack, Circus Poster Pack, Garden Carousel Pole Pack

November 2015:
Overgrown Deadwood - Arched


Chocolate Covered Luff Drakkins
Raspberry Swirl Chilla
Miasma Wolfen - Male and Female
Eerie Wolfen - Male and Female
Swirly Wolfen - Male and Female
Arktik - Female Sheepdog, Male Frosty, Male Glitter
Male Honey Bumblebuzz
Crysta - Female Cracked, Female Macaw, Male Blacklight, Male Calico, Male Cavern
Crystoise - Albino and Natural
Dear Fawn - Gold and Plush
Equu - Beach and Snake
Firion - All Forageable/Dice/Forum
Fitchet - Male Spirit
Flora - Female Relic, Male Gusty, Male Rose, Male Shadow
Goatling - Angel, Devil, Yin
Kermode - Male and Female Ethereal, Spectacled, Spirit and Woodwork.
Kowra - Male and Female Fire, Marble, Pearl, Vampire, and Female Glass.
Licorne - Male and Female Flutterbye, Glacier, Sunset, and Female Rainbow.
Mecha Panthira - Copper, Gold, Steel, Titanium, Verdigris
Conjoined Griffabit Mutant
Double Muscle Leeton's Dog Mutant
Hairless Furrit Mutant
Parietal Eye Seel Mutant
Polymelia Woolabit Mutant
Winged Cabbit Mutant
Lionfish Otterkin
Parakii - Brown Lory, Flamingo, and Zen
Pluvia - Male and Female Python, Speckled, and Sugared
Risersa - Branch and Lorikeet
Seahorse - Citrus, Glow, Goby, Mint
Sprites - B-Side Inverse, Enigma Splash, Mutant, Ziggy Inverse
The Scream Hibbary - Edvard, Marble, Natural, Pointalism, Rainbow, Sketch
Tibbar - All Forageable/Dice/Forum
Werebeast Cub - Fullmoon, Leopard, Tidepool
Werewulf - All Forageable/Dice/Forum

Custom Khimbits: any I don't have.


Giant Pitcher Plant - Toxic
Rare Dreds
Electric Flame Hair
Shield of Justice - Black, Red, Blue
Sword of Justice - Black, Red, Blue
Dagger - Obsidian, Silver, Gold
Tournament Banner - Green and blue
Single Rose - Pink

Items I have but wouldn't mind more of:

Anything Mushroom/Toadstol or Fungi related.
Henge and Standing Stones - All Types :)
Faerie Lamp - All colours
Suns - especially I and II
Giant Bamboo - all (less golden, more of the others)
Trees - Dormant and Dead
Japanese Maples - Both kinds
Climbing Rose Vines - Red and White
Mossy Waterfall
Nebulas or Nebula Packs
Daffodils - Any colour
Forageable Xenos - all
Forageable Flutterbyes - all
Rose Topiary - all
Hyacinth - Any colour, especially purple.

Aluriya Items

Sinister and Solar skwid

Any older ones from before this latest round of invites!


Aspen Tree - all
Boabab Tree - all
Brush Tree - all
Oak Tree - all
Sequoia Tree - All
No active trades.
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