Khimeros Information;

Looks like I can't find an appropriate seller. So I'll be sticking around some more.

I have many of my Custom Pairs that will not be for sale/trade at all, unless you are on my friends list, or certain requirements are met. I will state that my peeve is to inbreed pets on pet sites. It's just something that personally bothers me every time I see it or think about it. It's just how I am. I'm sorry but there are certain customs that I end up keeping to myself because people mess up their lines. I think it makes khimeros funner and more challenging to find matches for them, which is why I play on this site as such. I check lineage all the time, so I tend to keep the lines as nice as I can manage. So if you can respect my feelings and wishes about this I wouldn't mind doing more extensive deals with some of my limited pups and custom pups I hardly distribute.

So if you need anything, have any questions, would like some help, or are confused about how I trade/sell certain khimeras, feel free to message me at anytime. Although I must add that I do get quite a few messages, so if I don't reply in a day or two, your message might of gotten buried. Feel free to send another, I try to keep on top of things on khimeras though.

Kalika is collecting two items; Cig Butts & Duck Eggs.