Khimeros Information;

Looking to sell/trade this forever upgraded account, dm me on discord Evangelyne#3947 (since I'm rarely online here).

In my safe deposit I have Ayalar Chrysalis x5
Ayalon Chrysalis x2
Bobtail Malkin Platinum Token x1
Custom Draakith #51 x1
Embarr Chrysalis x1
Enigma Crystal x8
Fennik Aether Chrysalis x4
Hybrid Chrysalis x1
Invisibility Potion x41
Kalan Chrysalis x2
Kettu Platinum Token x1
Khimbit Breeding Crystal x5
Malkin Platinum Token x2
Margay Aether Chrysalis x2
MASTER: Aqua Royal Flutterbye x1
MASTER: Asadia Royal Regalia - Platinum x1
MASTER: Striped Draakith Scarf - Orange x1
Panthira Alternate Sprite x7
Pattern Crystal x9
Pink Candy Heart x26
Shidar Chrysalis x3
Toon Potion x9
Uwila Chrysalis x2
Variation Crystal x5
Visibility Potion x21
Waterlily Token - Pink x158
Wishing Penny x80
Witara Chrysalis x3

I also own 890 khimbits out of 1550.
Have tons of old deco stuff and countless items. If interested I can show you everything on discord cause it would be easier than to just list EVERYTHING.

Kalika is collecting two items; Cig Butts & Duck Eggs.