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Winrie (#826)
About me!
Hello, I'm Winrie. You can call me Win, Winnie, or whatever makes you happy <3
I've been on khimeros for some time now, but I'm pretty off and on...
I have a few customs and some great friends.

I'm always up to chat and make new friends, so just send me a message!

Thanks for reading <33


My Pintas!

If you are interested in an offspring from my Pinta customs then please message me, let me know what two you want me to breed for you're pre-order.
I'm not currently breeding them until I get a request.
If I don't have any second gen's for sale then just send me a message to pre-order.

Prices shift around quite a bit, but I would say most are around 8k - 10k

I value Grimms a bit higher, as they are quite rare in my opinion o3o (I just don't manage to get too many of them)
~Wish List~
~What I will always want~

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