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February 23, 1956 - January 27, 2016

"Merry meet, and merry part, until we merry meet again."


Svipdag spake:
"Now answer me, Fjolsvith, the question I ask,
For now the truth would I know:
What weapon can send Vithofnir to seek
The house of Hel below?"

Fjolsvith spake:
"Laevateinn is there, that Lopt (Loki) with runes
Once made by the doors of death;
In Laegjarn's chest by Sinmora lies it,
And nine locks fasten it firm."

~from the Norse Poem, Fjolsvinnsmall

Vithofnir, commonly known as Vidofnir, is the rooster that perches atop Yggdrasil--the World Tree. Other theories suggest that Laevateinn is the sword that the god Surt will use at Ragnarok, which will spread its flames to the corners of the universe and consume all.



Loki of Asguard (#2148) is my partner in crime! ;) <3
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"There is mingling in friendship when man can utter all his whole mind to another." ~Norse Proverb

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Twi (#13) Kili, you always remind me that I want coffee. did you get this superpower?

Laevateinn (#175) She's not really a dwarf, Twi. She just wants us to think that.

Kili (#104) S.H.I.E.L.D. and their failed attempts to recreate the super-soldier serum, I think.

Kili (#104) Banner got Hulk'd and I got... that.


Arabasti *throws a snowball at Laevateinn (#175)'s head*

Laevateinn (#175) *politely throws Arabasti (#JERK) off a cliff*


Rehtaeh (#7196) link It's officially the furgliest bush of them all.
Laevateinn (#175) Reh, it's like...
Laevateinn (#175) Mushed peas spat up all over a onesie.. o.O;
Rehtaeh (#7196) Omg. YES
~Storme~ (#1341) Yup. Lae's a mom. Lol
TehTwi (#28) It just looks moldy to me.
~Storme~ (#1341) That's WHY it's funny Lae. BECAUSE it's such a mom thing to say
Laevateinn (#175) There are some people in this world, and then there are moms. XDD
Eilonwy (#116) LOL
~Storme~ (#1341) No kidding. Heheh


On discussing what our Gold/Plat khims would "taste" like..

Laevateinn (#175) Drift wood. Drekar Esperi
~Storme~ (#1341) link Judge for yourselves what they would taste like. Lol
Xiria (#2189) She's literally based on a concept where your senses get muddled together, so she probably tastes like cubes or the color red or something.
Laevateinn (#175) Your Storme khirin would totally taste lightning-y.
Timeless (#727) Psh, more like MANLY VIKING WOOD
Laevateinn (#175) Because that is an actual word. Thank you, Ratatouille.
Xiria (#2189) Does anyone here know what manly viking wood tastes like?
Laevateinn (#175) XD
Laevateinn (#175) Except my esperi is FEMALE.
Xiria (#2189) To reiterate, has anyone here ever put manly viking wood in their mouth?
Laevateinn (#175) If I had any idea as to male, I'd let you know. :'D *shot* *hides in a corner*
Timeless (#727) LMAO
Timeless (#727) Also, she's female which means she's manlier than the men cause SHE CAN BEAR CHILDREN. PUNY MANLY VIKINGS KNOW NO PAINS
Wolfie (#183) -_-'
Wolfie (#183) I don't even want to know....


Onyx! (#10) [x] That lolly that basti has in his mouth during scare tactics?
Onyx! (#10) [x] That's the one he's sticking in your ears, fyi
Dragonling (#1284) [x] Wait, which lolly where?
SilentChaos (#18506) [x] Lovely, Onny XD
Laevateinn (#175) [x] Like a wet willy, but stickier..



hibbary (#16) If I go missing assume he's lured me into some pyramid
Laevateinn (#175) Hubba hubba, Hibbs.
Arabasti *eyebrow wiggles*
Larny (#20009) Hibbs loves his beard :P
hibbary (#16) Buh... basti has a beard? Where he been hiding it? >_>;;;;
hibbary (#16) Are you saying he wants me to dress up as Princess Jasmine and twirl my finger in his beard and call it twisted? Is that what you're saying?


Wannabee (#28242) Did someone say their buns were sticky - O.o
Megan (#2030) Lae sits on weird stuff Wannabee, I don't get it.
Wolf.Spirit (#27900) Well, if Lae's sitting on cinnamon buns and the buns are hot...does that make her have hot crossed buns? XP