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I will NOT breed or stud out any gold/platinum custom offspring I acquire, please do not ask for me to do otherwise. This does not mean that I won't experiment with my own or non-overlay gen 2s - unless, of course I've made an agreement not to. The offspring of which will only be purchasable if I put them in the sales areas. Speaking of, please go have a look in my sales lairs. If you see something you like, I would suggest that you take them home with you. Happy wanderings, I hope to do business with you:D

I love the color orange, it pleases me very much. If you have something orange and you don't want it, I probably do. I do tend to be picky on shade and some designs, but I'm happy to look:D Feel free to send me messages, I will love you forever! This includes gen 2 khimeras and unique khimbits.

~I will continue to update as my collection grows or new Gold/Platinum bases are released. I do NOT breed gold/platinum khimeras from other users, they will be strictly for collecting purposes.~

I do accept Gen 2 trades for my own Gold/Platinum Customs. If you are interested, please feel free to message me about a trade. I'd be happy to try to work something out for you. My Gen 2 overlays are always available for beads too!

I have become lazy with updating my overlay wishlist, please message me to see if I have interest in trading for your gen 2 swaps! I probably do but there are way too many to keep on my list now;)

Gold & Platinum Overlays I Own

Master Items

Foxx Platinum Coin - Aquatic -- Owlbot Platinum Coin - Divebomb

Acadian Forest Backdrop VI -- Faerie Clouds - Magenta -- Temperate Coastline Backdrop - Bright

**Just a heads up for the staff: wayen3000 (#11249), and I live together, thus we both play using the same internet connection - when he actually logs in, which isn't often. My friend Raku (7425) has used our connection, but does not live with us. I am the only active member playing on this connection. Thank you for your attention:)**

Account Info


Gold Khimbits:

"Like Clock Work" Khistabit
'I'm A Cyborg...I Am Lightning...' Werebeast
Anatomy Necros
Ancient Leviathan Bebe Origin
Ancient Origin
Ancient Tome Flutterfoxx
Android Grimble
Anubis Werebeast
Apple Blossom Grimble
Atlantis Phoenix
Atlas Risersa
Bengal Tyger Hippogryff
Blacklight Rave Flutterfoxx
Blood Moon Werebeast
Bloodlust Khistabit
Celtic Yin Malapex
Cloud Dancer Risersa
Day Of The Dead Necros
Death in Disguise Hippogryff
Desert Wind Ankora
Diamond Pony Equu
Dream Catcher Wulf
Dream Shore Ankora
Egyptian Bebe Origin
End of Paradise Bebe Origin
Erymanthis Flutterfoxx
Eye of the Moon Werebeast
Fairy Dragon Drasuna
Fire Song Origin
First Flame's Darkness Necros
From the Shadows Drakkin
Golden Rotation UNIQRON
Guardian of the Cave Cinder
Guardian of the Vault Xenos
Herald of the Sun UNIQRON
Hide From The Sun UNIQRON
Honey Bear Risersa
Imperial Jade Ankora
Inferno Bebe Origin
Into Darkness UNIQRON
Iron-Breaker Werebeast
Island Dreamer Drasuna
Jack Frost Bebe Origin
King of Thorns Ankora
Light in the Dark Sabrak
Lunar Shadow Phoenix
Lust for Life Panthira Cub
Machine Bleed Xenos
Magma Khistabit
Moon of the West Grimble
Nightflower Bebe Origin
Nightfyre Unikorn
Nightmare UNIQRON
O. scyllarus Ankora
Pharaoh's Throne Grimble
Phoenix Unikorn
Rainbow Robot UNIQRON
Rainbow Sushi Roll Khistabit
RaiOkami Sabrak
Siberian Tyger Origin
Sinister Spirit Werebeast
Smoking Mirror Khistabit
Space Nomad Grimble
Spectral Fairy UNIQRON
Spirit Horse UNIQRON
Spirit of the Woods Origin
Synesthesia Hippogryff
The Black Prince Snaawulf
The King in Yellow Hippogryff
The Old Friend Panthira Cub
Thief of the Moon Flutterfoxx
Voice of the Waters Werebeast
Volcano Drasuna
Werewolf Werebeast
Winter's Shaman oxox
Wish Flutterfoxx

A Dying World's Requiem Vault Dragon
Abysmal Creature Eosian Ankora
Brush-Tail Rock Wallaby Khanga
Commander Dire Grimble
Death by Design Achak
Dragon's Gate Eosian Ankora
Electric Daisy Bunneh
Electric Sapphire Vault Dragon
Emerald Fire Wyvir
Emith Vault Dragon
Ethereal Achak
Frog Lover Wyvir
Function Vault Dragon
Great Warrior Dire Grimble
Ice and Fire Werebeast
Immortal Warrior Vault Dragon
Infared Flutterfoxx
Kawah Ijen Vault Dragon
Kitsune Malapex
Lord of Pestilence Wyvir
Monster of the City Achak
Muse Reindear
Namgul Treasel
Pastel Plush Chillpaca
Rainbow Bridge Flutterfoxx
Shatter Kruos
Star Lighter Wyvir
The Traveler Vault Dragon
Tiger Swallowtail Wyvir

Draakar Wishlist:

Beaten Gold
Branded Crystal
Crystal Orchid
Cyerce nigricans
Demon Rune
Earth Golem
Ethereal Ink
Evil Caterpillar
Fallen Twilight
Fire and Ice
Frozen Fractal
Harlequin Fae
Holy Inferno
Hoshikuzu Toukai Koi
Knight in Shining Armour
Lightning Beast
Molten Gold
Mythical Phoenix
One Wing
Queen Bee
Sea Witch
Sylvan Fae
Synthetic Love
Synthetic Zombie
The Magical Fruit
Trinity Qilin
When You Awake
While Your Lips Are Still Red

Witara Wishlist:

Adventurer Witara
Arcane Witara
Bird of Battle Witara
Blood Magic Witara
Boelen Python Witara
Burning Night Witara
Cancer Witara
Containment Breach Witara
Cybernetic Soldier Witara
Dark Sorceress Witara
Death Witara
Demonic Witara
Desperate Hour Witara
Destruction Witara
Dream Shade Witara
Electric Soul Witara
Electric Space Witara
End of Days Witara
Farore Witara
Fire Demon Witara
Firestorm Witara
Flame Divine Witara
Fossil Witara
Gemstone Witara
Glorious Witara
God of Ink Witara
Journey's End Witara
Kawaii Witara
Klieg Light Witara
Lament of the Seas Witara
Legend of Highlands Witara
Let It Shine Witara
Little Wing Witara
Lost In Solitude Witara
Lunar Eclipse Witara
Madagascan Sunset Moth Witara
Medicine Hat Witara
Mehndi Witara
Necromancer Witara
Nightmare's Fuel Witara
Ocean Song Witara
Ornatus Witara
Phantom Witara
Picta Witara
Poseidon Witara
Queen of the Fairies Witara
Remnant Witara
Rising Star Witara
Shadow Dance Witara
Shimmer Witara
Solar Eclipse Witara
Soul's Requiem Witara
Space Warp Witara
Spectral Lightning Witara
Spectral Starlight Witara
Stormbreaker Witara
Synthetic Zombie Witara
Tainted Angel Dust Witara
The Horned Lord Witara
The Moonlit Lady Witara
This Evil Thing It Knows Me Witara
Time Warp Witara
Trip the Darkness Witara
Two Dubsteps From Hell Witara
Unia Witara
Volcanic Cloud Witara
Volcano Witara
Voodoo Witara
War Witara
WUB WUB Witara

Draakith Wishlist:

Albino Draakith
Cosmic Bubble Draakith
Cosmic Gold Draakith
Cosmic Phoenix Draakith
Darkness in Light Draakith
Daydream Draakith
Elemental Fire Draakith
Emerald Dragon Draakith
Epic Guardian Draakith
Fantasy Leopard Draakith
Fire Opal Draakith
Fire Tiger Draakith
Fractal Flower Draakith
Garuda Draakith
Genius Draakith
Glaucus Atlanticus Draakith
Goshawk Draakith
Haida Draakith
Harmonia Caelestis Draakith
Haunted Garden Draakith
Hell's Draakith
Jungle Cadaver Draakith
Kabuki Draakith
Kaika Rindou Draakith
King Cheetah Draakith
Kitty Love Draakith
Koran Angelfish Draakith
La Pierre d'Amiens Draakith
Last Samaria Draakith
Last Shadow Draakith
Loki Draakith
Look for me by Moonlight Draakith
Maelynd Draakith
Magelight Draakith
Magma Draakith
Maori Draakith
Maruten Sanke Draakith
Mayan Draakith
Metal Phoenix Draakith
Midnight Fyre Draakith
Midnight Glow Draakith
Mocha Cream Draakith
Molten Nebula Draakith
Mythical Blaze Draakith
Mythical Blood Draakith
Ocelot Draakith
Omega Draakith
Painted Water Draakith
Palawan Peacock-Pheasant Draakith
Phoxxe Fire Draakith
Prowling Paw Draakith
Rage Untethered Draakith
Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo Draakith
Reversed King Cheetah Draakith
Ringmaster Draakith
Ruined Planet Draakith
Sapphire Glow Draakith
Siberian Tiger Draakith
Skoll of the Sun Draakith
Skuld Draakith
Solar Flare Draakith
Summoned Jade Draakith
Takaida Draakith
The Blue Rose Draakith
The Sapphire Sorcerer Draakith
Thunderstorm Draakith
Tropical Dream Draakith
Violet Moon Draakith
Witch's Web Draakith
Without Words Draakith
Worldwalk Draakith
Yang Draakith
Yin Draakith

Khirin Whislist:

Ancient Khirin
Anubis Khirin
Appaloosa Khirin
Calypso Khirin
Canadiana Khirin
Cimmaron Khirin
Desert Spire Khirin
Du Hast Khirin
Flaming Siamese Khirin
Flaming Spirit Khirin
Forest Spirit Khirin
Ituri Khirin
Jungle Drum Khirin
Moondancer Khirin
Moonlight Sonata Khirin
Nature Spirit Khirin
Painted Khirin
Pfefferi Khirin
Pictus Khirin
Rainbow Splash Khirin
Shikaara Khirin
Warrior's Redemption Khirin
Wolfs' color of Doom Khirin
Xiao Xiong Mao Khirin


Kettu Wishlist:

Arctic Fox Kettu
Collie Kettu
Crazyface Puppy Kettu
Fae Kettu
Fennec Fox Kettu
Honey Kettu
Ice Kitsune Kettu
Kitsune Kettu
Leo Storm Kettu
Lesser Panda Kettu
Lynx Point Siamese Kettu
Masquerade Kettu
Midsummer Night's Dream Kettu
Mystic Tulip Kettu
Namgul Kettu
Penny's Escort Kettu
Quetzalcoalt Kettu
Radioactive Kettu
Red Fox Kettu
Red Velvet Kettu
Royal Sapphire Kettu
Siamese Cat Kettu
Siberian Husky Kettu
Silver Fox Kettu
Tahti Kettu

Esperi Wishlist:

Ankh Esperi
Anubis Esperi
Ares Esperi
Astri Esperi
Batesian Mimic Esperi
Batteries Not Included Esperi
Bearded Vulture Esperi
Beutelwolf Esperi
Bluefyre Esperi
Bohemian Jewel Esperi
Burning Skies Nebula Esperi
Celestial Druid Esperi
Cheetah Esperi
Chimera's Keeper Esperi
Chocolate Truffle Esperi
Clown Fish Esperi
Cosmic Orca Esperi
Cosmos Esperi
Darkmoon Esperi
Desert Oasis Esperi
Dreamcatcher Esperi
Dreamdust Esperi
Dullahan Esperi
Enchanted Forest Esperi
Essence of Space Esperi
Fantasy Island Esperi
Fantasy Nebula Esperi
Fire Monarch Esperi
Forest King Esperi
Forest Spirit Esperi
Galway Flower Fae Esperi
Giraffe Esperi
Glittering Sunrise Esperi
God of Anarchy Esperi
Goddess of Love and Music Esperi
Goldfyre Esperi
Heart of Winter Esperi
Herensuge Esperi
Hermes Esperi
Hero's Departure Esperi
Ice Esperi
Ina Aaye Esperi
Keeper of the Grove Esperi
Kestrel Esperi
Kingfisher Esperi
Kodama Esperi
Liger Esperi
Lord of Terror Esperi
Madagascan Mantella Frog Esperi
Magical Fairy Peacock Esperi
Mantis Shrimp Esperi
Mistress of Chaos Esperi
Monarch Esperi
Moon Tarot Esperi
Namesake Esperi
Neon Electric Esperi
Okapi Esperi
Once Upon a Dream Esperi
Once Upon A Time Esperi
Paint Splash Esperi
Pipevine Swallowtail Esperi
Poison Orchid Esperi
Pretender Esperi
Pueblo Esperi
Rectifier Esperi
Redwood Guardian Esperi
Sable Esperi
Shimmering Sunset Esperi
Silver Waters Esperi
Snowshoe Kitty Esperi
Spectacled Owl Esperi
Stormy Stormy Night Esperi
Sun Tiger Esperi
Technomagus Esperi
Tintinnabulation Esperi
Toxic Starlight Esperi
White Magic Esperi

Eosian Khirin Wishlist:

Angelic Eosian Khirin
Artificial Sweetener Eosian Khirin
Birth and Aliveness Eosian Khirin
Blacklight Butterfly Eosian Khirin
Bless Eosian Khirin
Blue Glow Butterfly Eosian Khirin
Blue Rose Eosian Khirin
Candy Carousel Eosian Khirin
Charm Eosian Khirin
Clydesdale Eosian Khirin
Coldfire Eosian Khirin
Cometh the Hour Eosian Khirin
Demonic Eosian Khirin
Enchanted Glade Eosian Khirin
Flaming Evil Peacock Phoenix Eosian Khirin
Fractured Ice Eosian Khirin
Gilded Dreamcatcher Eosian Khirin
Glitter Galaxy Eosian Khirin
Glitter Trail Eosian Khirin
Golden Ice Eosian Khirin
Golden Taiho Eosian Khirin
Gypsy Vanner Eosian Khirin
Harumatsuri Eosian Khirin
Imperial Phoenix Eosian Khirin
Lola Eosian Khirin
Magma Eosian Khirin
Magnolia Eosian Khirin
Medicine Hat Eosian Khirin
Medieval Carousel Eosian Khirin
Midnight Mystery Eosian Khirin
Neptune's Shadow Eosian Khirin
Night Fairy Eosian Khirin
Nightfall Eosian Khirin
Nightmare Appaloosa Eosian Khirin
Nightmare Fire Eosian Khirin
Peony Samurai Eosian Khirin
Poison Ivy Eosian Khirin
Prismatic Saiho Eosian Khirin
Queen of Shadows Eosian Khirin
Rave Veritas Eosian Khirin
Regal Kokki Eosian Khirin
Riptide Eosian Khirin
Shadow Warrior Eosian Khirin
Soap Bubble Eosian Khirin
Spectral Starlight Eosian Khirin
SteamPunk Eosian Khirin
StormRunner Eosian Khirin
Sun Eosian Khirin
Swallowtail Butterfly Eosian Khirin
Thunder God Eosian Khirin
Toxic Glitter Monster Eosian Khirin
Undead Warhorse Eosian Khirin
Wind Waker Eosian Khirin
Winter Solstice Eosian Khirin
Zebra Eosian Khirin
Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Ice Sql Catcher Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy
Copper Marine Festival Scavenger Hunt Trophy
Gold Marine Festival Scavenger Hunt Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy
Copper Scare Tactics 2012 Trophy
Copper Paranoia 2012 Trophy