I love unicorns and dragons! Most of my khimeras seem to fall into those categories, especially unicorns. I have two breeding projects, The Druid Breeding Project, and the Genetic Matching Overlay Project. Check out the labeled lairs for more info!

Wishlist Stuff

Khimeras - I've gotten picky as my lair is filling, but I'll still take a look at any of these:

MOST WANTED IN THE WORLD!!! - April Fools 2014 Wyvir Khimeras with a draak or draakith underlay. Any Gen as long as it's pretty. Will consider draakar uderlays too. I'll consider other underlays too if they are pretty, but I'm a sucker for authentic, and a wyvir is a dragon so I like the underlay to be a dragon too.

Overlays with some of the underlying colors matching the overlay. More matching the better! They can be standard overlays, Platinum, or Gold Customs.

NOTE - I will not accept inbred khims under any circumstances. I don't care that these are just pixel pets, the concept is something I just don't want to deal with.

Arabi, unikorns, drakkins, arabi foals, drakes, any other dragon themed or unicorn themed khimbits not in my den. I like wyvirs too if anyone feels they might want to part with one for something I'm selling or trading.

Collecting all and any wyvir bits!

Decorations: Suns and nebulas (especially spiral nebula!)

Other: I LOVE ANY of the addition, subtraction potions, and pattern or color changers.

Finally, I would never say no to beads (who would!)

If you see anything in any of my sales, shop, or trades that you don't have trinkets for but you do have any of these items on my wishlist, then message me and I'll take a look :) For newer players who don't have a lot, I'm happy to do trades for the equivalent treasure value of rare foraging items.

I'm also on Flight Rising, my name there is also Kesstryl. I run the Colors of Light Hatchery, dedicated to breeding triple white and maize:
I am also interested in trading my Imperial and Skydancer offspring for chrysalids, see my forum post about it here:
Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
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Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy