Hey there! My real name is Ky, but a lot of the online community calls me Jess. I'm a proud mommy of my 3 year old son and pregnant with my second who is due this September 2020.
I work in the textile industry and have been for about 8 years now.
I love doing special FX makeup. Surprisingly I'm very good at it haha
I've been on khimeros since i was in high school(2011). So if you have any questions please don't hesitate to message me. Or if you just fancy a chat that's OK by me as well. I'm always up for making new friends.

I LOVE collecting Alts and Gen 2 khims! So If you have anything interesting to add to my collection let me know!(;

edit: After being on here for so long I have finally decided to collect khimbits, don't judge me lol I just never had an interest in them for some reason. So any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!


My mom also plays as well! Hers is MysticalMagic (#8302)

Beni' Soit or most easily said as Blessed Be

Explore Windrose: Jesavaldo (# 133)
Flight Rising: Jesavaldo ( 446571)
ChickenSmoothie: Jesavaldo
Aethria: Jesavaldo (#1745)

Discord: Jesavaldo (#0661)

Special Thingies
Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Second Annual Silver Chocolate Hunt Trophy
Copper Marine Festival Scavenger Hunt Trophy
Copper Scare Tactics 2012 Trophy
Copper Paranoia 2012 Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy