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Cats and Draakiths

My lovely moondrop margays. Pst me if you want one! The highest they’ll ever be is around 1k.

-Do look in my sales lair to help me! Or for a pretty khimera, of course! :D

I do Decos!

Ahh.. old decos. Time for some updating. I’m now in the business of decorating khimeras. Message me if you want a khimera decorated, and I’ll eo my best to fulfill your wishes.

Feel free to friend me if you think me worthy enough as your friend. :P

Wishlist: ^_^ **To be Updated**
*ALL Chrysalids**

Wow you got this far?
Hey, you can call me Starlit. :]

I suck at profiles.

So, I enjoy writing, although I’m not that good, sadly. I do some art whenever I feel like it, and sometimes I’ll even sing. I like playing video games

-I'm sorry that I haven’t been active lately, but life has its surprising moments. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.
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