Hello There!

It's Trippy! And I'm madly obsessed with the color scheme blue +
orange/gold. I like cats, horses and snakes. I work on art in my
spare time as well as for the site. I color unique khimbits, make
pet bases and markings, deco, upgrade items and used to make the
majority of the yummy forum treats and trophies.

I'm Also 'Trippy' Here!

Dappervolk, Subeta, Aethria, Furvilla, FlightRising, MycenaCave,
Sonas, Aywa, Leayph and Gryphs. I usually only frequent the first
few sites on this list but you can spot me elsewhere from time to
time. I just don't actively play many other places.

Disclaimer: Your Breeding Restrictions

I usually don't breed purchased overlays for g3 offspring. However,
if I do- I've looked for your breeding restrictions on your custom's
page, your lair group or your profile. If they are not easy to find, your
overlay risks being bred. Celibate overlays are denoted with (§)
beside the name. Let me know if you don't want your overlay bred
and it lacks this symbol. I will breed overlays that are labeled
"don't overbreed." I consider these khims all-or-nothing for breeding.


Overlay Khimera Wishlist


Museums and Hoards

The Customization Cavern (custom-maker hoard)
The Event Token Tent (a collection)
Tea Time (a collection)
The Plushie Pile (a collection)
Trade With Me
No active trades.