Hey folks! My name is Micah. Pronouns are it/its or they/them, but I can deal with he/him if I must be stuffed in a box. 24 years old, currently working in a medical transcription and as an actor and wardrobe manager for a well-known haunt in my area. Depressed, stressed, but usually well-dressed.

Bibbit (#31058) is my little sister, and strawberrydrow (#37925) is my partner.

I love to draw, and am very active in the HARPG and Shedu communities on DeviantArt -- my username there is Rising-Star-Farm, if you ever want to look me up!

I swear I don't bite and I love making new friends, so feel free to message me to say hi! I'm trying to be more active on the site as I’m coming back from a 2-year(ish) hiatus.
Anyone Interested? :3
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