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Well um.. hi I guess XD call me Jay. I'm pretty easy going and I'm friendly. I respond to any messages I get so please feel free to message me if you want to haggle Khimera prices, have me breed to specific khimera's for you, or even just want to chat! :) I like to do art this is my gallery I can do commissions :) Message me with a ref for an estimate in trinkets and beads.

I'm always happy to haggle prices on sale Khimera's and items :) , and am even willing to take trades for them, :D just send me a message.

I do Free breedings for people with 10 Khimera's or less. I can either breed to one of your khimera's for free or I can breed a pair of my khimera's you think would make pretty babies and give you the pup! :) all absolutely free. I love helping people out, and giving them a hand getting started! Also if you have less than 10 khimera's any khimera in my sale cave is free for you. The only thing is you're only allowed 2 free khimera's D: give others a chance please. Message me for your free khims!

So in short. Call me Jay. I like to do art. I tend to be pretty friendly. I like to help people. Happy to haggle sale prices. I'll give you up to two free khimera's if you have 10 khimera's or less.

Contact info:

Instant Messengers:
AIM: Jayoen11693

We all know Hibbary did the wonderful art for this site. in 2009 I was lucky enough to meet her! She was super nice, and I was able to get a commission from her, the above is what she drew for me, I provided coloring and shading with her permission :)

Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Commission Info

A sketch will be sent for approval, once approved payment is expected, but I will not accept the transfer until I finish. Payment for all sketch commissions is expected up front.

For all commissions additional characters are half the original price, rounding up.

~sketch: 2 for 1 bead or 10,000tr

~colored sketch: 1bead or 20,000tr trinkets
Example 2
Example 3

~colored lineart: 2 beads or 30,000tr
Example 1
Example 2

Full Body:

~Sketches: 2 beads or 30,000tr

~Colored Sketches: 3 beads or 45,000tr
Example 1 (the one on the left)
Example 2

~Lineart: 3 beads or 45,000tr
Example 1
Example 2

~Flat colored lineart: 5 beads or 160,000tr
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Sorry I hate shading, and my shading frankly is terrible, so flat colored is as far as you get!

All prices are negotiable, don't be afraid to ask about trades. I don't bite, and you'll never know if you don't ask :)

I am willing to do:
Same sex couples

I am NOT willing to do:
Porn (come on people, this is a kids site. Besides, my parents would throw a fit)
Hate art
Fetish art

Current Commission list:

Things to note:
I reserve the right to refuse any commission offered to me. Complex characters may cost extra. Gentle reminders are fine, as is asking for sneak peeks, but constant harassing will only result in me getting your commission completed even slower.