Hello. My name is Byourii; that's pronounced 'byoh-ree' for those of you having trouble. Largely though, I just go by Rii, so please feel free to address me as such! The name itself is a rather amusing tale... I wanted my generic 'internet screenname' to be Bouree'. You know, like a movement of music? A friend of mine was making me an account on, oh I don't remember anymore, and well... She wasn't very good at spelling... or listening.

Anyways, I am a 23-year old lady living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and I love it here. I am a lover of all things animal and science, and ultimately, that's was how I found my way here. I'm an artist and a writer, though I've been TERRIBLE lately about putting anything out to prove either of those truths... I went through culinary school, and I've been working in food industry ever since graduation. I have two cats and frequently tend to my mother's seven chickens and my father's idiot Springer Spaniel, Bruce.

This site is different for me, really. For the past ~15 years or so, I've been joining roleplaying sites and spending the majority of my online time doing that and sharing story ideas, characters, etc. If you're interested in sharing a story with me, or even for throwing a character of yours in with a character of mine, feel free to leave me a message and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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