Hey there everyone! Here's a little info about my khimeras :)


Sales: All of my khims in the sales lairs have negotiable prices, feel free to ask!

Breeding: If a khim doesn't have a breeding price and you would like to breed with him/her, please pm and tell me what you think that breeding would be worth and we can work out a deal :)

Also, due to the now invisible opacities, if anyone is curious about the markings of my khims, you can message me. I just haven't typed all their opacities in each khim's info box, but I do have their opacities stored elsewhere.


~Obtain a Gold Level Kai & Tai Trophy (115/150 points)
~Collect each jingle warmer (still need blue and green)
~Breed a set of rainbow enigma khim's (progress in journal)

Completed Goals:
~Create a custom khimera He's gorgeous and in my custom(s) lair if you want to see him ^^
~Collect 25 gold custom draakiths (currently 36)
~Obtain Kai & Tai's Bronze and Silver Quest Trophies
~Make a custom fennik pair (they're in my den, message me if you're interested in offspring)
~Obtain Khimbit Essence for Lucky Strike (Stardust Uwila!)

Rainbow Enigma Uwilas
This is where I keep track of my project, to breed one of each rainbow enigma uwila ^^ A long-term task that I'm in no rush to complete (I would get frustrated if I was, this is a daunting project and I probably don't even have enough lair space :P).

My main goal is to breed these khims from a main mother, my first rainbow khim Cotton Candy . So I don't plan on buying uwilas to complete my goal, however if you have a male gen 2 or 3 rainbow enigma pure or hybrid uwila (any from 101 to 265) feel free to message me or offer him on one of my trades, I'd love to have one, it would make it simpler to reach my goal ^.^

197 (retro)
201 (embarr-uwila)
204 (retro)

(00c4ff lin custom wings)
Posted on 2012-09-26 21:12:45
Backgrounds and decoration items especially:
~hearts & roses ornament (red, blue, or yellow)
~Mountain armbands (any)
~ethereal bracelet (blue or royal)
~bamboo or golden grass
~ clover patch
~golden kelp
~ear rose (any! <3)
~ breeding crystals!
~spirit risersa
~marine crabs (pack or individuals)
~Enigma Inverse or mini inverse fireflypotions
~any quest items (rosemary shrubs, trillum patches, frozen puddles, glacier rocks, daffodils, walls of flame, ect)
~winterfest items! (iced trees, ect)
~foreageable khimbits (any kind)

I'm trying to get a few alts together, especially the custom Draakiths! These are a few that I liked and don't yet have. ( I currently have collected 36 of the draaktih overlays, so I am definitely looking for offspring trades if you have one I don't :)

~Elemental Wind
~Dark Carnival
~Rainbow Leopard
Copper Marine Festival Scavenger Hunt Trophy
Level 2
Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Copper Scare Tactics 2012 Trophy
Copper Paranoia 2012 Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
No active trades.