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Grasshopper Trade for
5 beads plus Alu Moth Pack. 5/24/2014
Re my Wyvir Khims: Will trade for Lambkins (1 from special pool or 3 from foraging Divy. Will also trade for Divy. Same deal.) or Wyvir. Looking for Wisteria Wyvir. Adding Ethira to this.

Will also trade for Gold Khims, Gen is negotiable.

Looking for:
the Giant Tree Root,

Frilly Orchids - any or all,

Rainforest Foreground Vegetation - both left and right,

Rainforest Backdrop,

Rainforest Foreground rocks.

Any plants that go well with Rainforest themes that I don't already have.

Flowering Shamrocks.

Tropical Lianas - Any or all.

Any of the Creepy Forest Trees.

Lavenderbud Tree

Oak Tree with any of the tops - front and back.

Willow tree - Base and front and back, especially the green.

Wisteria - Either color or both.

Any of the Hummingbirds.

Green or Yellow Climbing Frog.

Green Vine Snake.

Any of the Snails.
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