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I take part in a fair few adoptable sites. Please feel free to message me either on them, or here with questions.

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Khirin Wish List
Those Bolded and Underlined in the List are the ones i'm currently working on

Afterglow's Rekviem Khirin | Ares Khirin | Banded Butterfly Khirin | Black Ice Khirin | Calypso Khirin | Canadiana Khirin | Chakra Khirin | Chaos Khirin | Cresendo Khirin | Cryo Phoenix Khirin | Death Khirin | Deimos Khirin | Dynasty Khirin | Enchanted Midnight Khirin | End of The World Khirin | Eternal Khirin | Famine Khirin | Gilded Book khirin | Glacial Frost Khirin | Glacial Sovereign Khirin | Jynx | Lightning Khirin | Little Sister Khirin | Lucky Tiger Khirin | Lunar Khirin | Mystic Forest Khirin | Nature Spirit Khirin | Nebulae Khirin | Odin Khirin | Onyx Khirin | Pestilence Khirin | Phantom Khirin | Phobos Khirin | Punk Diva Khirin | RaiOkami Khirin | Secret Garden Khirin | Shanxi Khirin | Siren Song Khirin | Snow Romp Khirin | Solar Khirin | Spectral Khirin | Spectral Wish Khirin | Symphony Khirin | Traditional Khirin | Trinkapuppy Khirin | U.S Army Khirin | Valkyrie Khirin | Victorian Lace Khirin | Winged Onyx Khirin | Winged Spectral Wish Khirin | Writer's Inspiration Khirin
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