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Master Items I own:

I'm willing to breed an Overlay for you, just message and we can discuss it.

My Overlays

Ptophet Khomainu
Prophet Rait
Egyptian Adhiraj Gryph
Egyptian Khitsune
Egyptian Khomainu
Nightshade Adhiraj Gryph
Nebula Adhiraj Gryph
Lord of Death Adhiraj Gryph
Nightshade Witara Uwila
The Beast Woodbine Draak
Dark Lunar Xenos (Pure Draak)
Lunar Shadow Phoenix (Pure Draak) (Rarely gives me anything)
Egyptian Bebe Origin (Witara Uwila) (It never spits out anything @_@ omg)

Overlay's I'm waiting for

New Ultimate Growable Markings: Dragonet Squiddum (submitted April 22 2017)
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I have several factions in my lair, usualy found under the Good, Evil or Neutral tabs of my lair. These are almost always associated with one of my customs. I'm going to slowly work on adding links to my customs to their respective factions, though this is going to take quite a bit of time.

A few of my "Nightshade" have their marks and glows set so the range spans all the enigmas, duplicate babies are highly unlikely. I have no problem breeding you one, but please don't be too specific as it's a terrible job trying to get anything specific out of them @_@
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I breed pets purely to slake my curiosity. Most of them are released.

I will refuse any breeding with my customs that would result in an overlay that I don't personally own.

Favorite Pets: (* means more favorite)

Adhiraj Gryph
Asadia (Cheshire, Ocelotlcoatl *, Rait

Draak (Borgon *, Draakith *, Neferem, Phantom, Purrdra, Quetzalcoatl **, Siluri *, Tamrin, Vintage Wyvir **, Wyvir, Xochiyotlcoatl ***)

Eccentria (Draakal, Phedrix ***,
Grimm ***
Khitsune ***
Likos (Khomainu, Typhon
Uwila (Witara

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Kai and Tai's Quests Bronze Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Silver Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Gold Trophy
Copper Scare Tactics 2012 Trophy
Copper Paranoia 2012 Trophy
Kai and Tai's Quests Prismatic Crystal Trophy