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You really want to know me?

I'm Ket (or Chelsea) I'm married to an amazing guy Who is currently on deployment. I'm 9 months pregnant; hopefully he will be able to come see the birth. Right now I'm living alone with my dog Saedi. I have a lot of baggage and am very hard to get to know (even my closest friends hardly know). I bend truths but answer most questions about myself. I hate saying goodbye...

Ever Lived In A Place That Didn't Feel Like Home?

Current - Lifehouse : Broken

Tyler - Switchfoot : On Fire

Tyler&I - Snow Patrol : Run

Saedi - Schnuffel Bunny : Snuggle Song

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Mother- Evanescence : Everybody's Fool


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Of the Year - Christina Perri : The Lonely
I haven't been on in a long time I've been pretty busy. I moved from San Diego to Temecula then back to Oregon. I'll be here for a while, until my husband gets home from deployment, (hopefully early october). I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant and can't wait for my baby boy to arrive in July, but scared to death in having it alone. Now I'm just hoping everything goes well and smoothly.
Posted on 2012-03-01 23:24:36