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Occasionally, I'll have some sort of "flash sale" of my inventory items and some khims in my lair. When that happens, you will get great deals on stuff normally worth at least double what I accept for it. So keep on the lookout for that!

On the internet, my name is EeveeDream. I am a Christian, and I am proud of it. Does this mean I will be "preachy"? No. Does this mean I will tell you about God without you asking? No. Does this mean I will condemn and judge you? No.

I am a proud believer in Jesus Christ, but I won't tell you about Him, Our Father in Heaven, or about the Bible without you ASKING.

I will ignore CHALLENGES and I will gladly welcome genuine inquiries and questions. My answers WILL come from the Bible. I 100% AGREE with it. I will tell you what the Bible says about it, scripture and all, and I will explain it to you.

Am I "perfect" and "sinless"? No. No one is. And I don't think I am better than anyone else, because I am just as guilty as anyone else. That is a truth that is plain as day. No matter how "good" anyone thinks they are, they are not without sin, and I am not excluded from that.

So come on, pull up a chair and relax with me. Send me a message. Say hi. Judgement free, condemnation free, preach free. That's me!!

Made this with free clip art in GIMP, you can use it if you want. Posting this is a gutsy move, but it's only gutsy because people are afraid of backlash. I won't lie, I'm also nervous. But sharing my belief on my profile pages has so far had a positive impact, so I won't stop now.


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