Welcome to The Lair
1. Most of my Khimeras have a cheap trinket breeding fee and I usually accept all requests
2.However, if any khimas within the Alternates/Khirins group have a 1 trinket breeding fee, it is for certain people only(such as breeding trade partners). Please message me if you would like to breed with any of them.
3. If the khim doesn't have a price, you can message me and I will fix it.
4. If you want a khim from my Giveaway, just message me :)
~Wanted List~
*Beads for my custom 2/5
1xEnigma Essence
1x Retro Flower I serum
1x Retro Flower II serum

Always interested in brightly colored khims!

Other Items:
Kalan Chrysalis

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