Hello, I like collecting pretty or unusual or uniquely marked khimas and like many of the alt designs.

I WILL do well dips for free - tell me what you want from it, you supply the pennies and the khimera/s, I'll dip till your pennies run out or you get the desired result, all unused pennies shall be returned to you. pm to talk to me about it :)

Feel free to pm me to ask about my khimas, breedings, trades or bulk buying or paying in beads.


It says 'wishlist' ..but really its more of a reminder of what I am looking for and saving to buy or trade for :)

Please note I do not collect HA use only deco items as I only decorate my khimeras

Things i'm always looking for
wishing pennies
breeding crystals
both arctic enviro packs
pretty unique khimbits

Khimbits wanted - special shop
Centrifuge Roborabbit 3 beads
Pogue Roborabbit 3 beads
Ramper Roborabbit 3 beads
Widget Roborabbit 3 beads
Cokum Roborabbit 4 beads
Domo Roborabbit 5 beads

Items - not wanted

I am not looking for crystal snowflakes, glass bulb ornaments, glass iceicle ornaments, glass balls, paper lanterns (or hanging lights), winter lanterns, eosian lanterns or wings of any sort, thanks

Avaliable for trade or sale

Nothing at the moment
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