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...with a special one-bead pool of unique "Crimmus" decorations and frames!

Look for "World" in the main site navigation, click "Event Shops" and then click into the Christmas 2022 shop. Items will drop once every 4 minutes. Good luck!

All masquerade-themed events (Trick or Treat, Scare Tactics) will come to an end in 24 hours!

New Dice Items are now available! Just remember, lift with your knees, not your back!

A new overlay breeding event has started! Your hint: likos. Can you figure out how to breed all 8 overlays?

Edit for those who were having trouble understanding the rules:

- You can post images of overlays that YOU breed. If you didn't breed it, then don't post the image - you may direct people to a post or thread, however, where others have posted, and participate in discussions on said posts, threads etc.

- Once someone posts an overlay they have bred, anyone can discuss the mechanics of how to get that particular overlay.

- You may NOT go find images or info in sneaky ways that do not involve breeding the overlay yourself, and then spoiler those images/info by posting them publicly or via PM.

The site will be offline for several hours some time tomorrow night, as our hosting company is physically moving servers from one location to another. Make sure you have joined the Discord server to keep up to date with any news while the server is on walkabout!


Magical tokens have disappeared from foraging and the Lounge, and the event shop is now open! Turn in 40 tokens to receive a Sulana Draconis Surprise Pack. Be sure you don't turn in more tokens than you intend to use, as tokens are gone from your inventory forever once turned in to the shop! You can find the event shop under World -> Event Shops.


New Release Rewards are available! Take your excess khimeras to the meadow and do your part to keep up the genetic diversity of wild khimeras, all while earning beads, trinkets, breeding slots, shimmering crystals, or items! You can earn prizes when releasing up to 20 khimeras per day, and breeding slots up to 30 khimeras per day.


Rainbow Enigmas are back in the Wishing Well! If you are not sure how this works, be sure to read up on it in the Wishing Well Encyclopedia entry and the Rainbow Enigma entry.

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