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Lizy! (#8041) is this week's lottery winner(s), taking home 3,055 trinkets! Congratulations!


Beads are on sale for the next week for 15% off!

Remember that users buying beads from outside the USA get an extra bead bonus of 2 beads per string for purchases of 50 beads and above, and 1 bead per string for purchases below 50 beads. You can claim your outside-USA bonus beads by putting in a Help Desk report.


If you are planning to make new customs soon, now is the time to scoop up those chrysalids!

Most chrysalids will be retiring from the Chrysalis Cave one week from today. Chrysalids will then go on a monthly rotation. There will be 3 random basics and 2 random LE chrysalids available at any given time, at the price of 15 beads for basics and 35 for LE. Mini Chrysalids and user-commissioned-base chrysalids will also remain in the shop permanently. Rotation will change roughly every 2 weeks. Should you desperately need a different chrysalis that is not on rotation, they will be available by Help Desk request at a bribery cost of 25 beads for basics and 50 beads for LE.

For the next week, there will be a "buy 2, get 1 free" deal on for all chrysalids except minis! The free chrysalis cannot exceed the value of the least expensive purchased chrysalis, so purchasing one basic and one LE chrysalis will net you a free basic chrysalis, while purchasing two LE chrysalids will net you a free LE. There is no limit to the number of chrysalids you can purchase. To participate in the deal, you MUST go through the HELP DESK, rather than buying chrysalids directly from the cash shop. Have your beads ready on hand, and indicate which chrysalids you would like in your Help Desk report!

Purpleash (#10602) is this week's lottery winner(s), taking home 3,445 trinkets! Congratulations!

If you have ever wanted your very own fantasy castle, now is the time to get chatting!

Starshore (#29202) is this week's lottery winner(s), taking home 11,440 trinkets! Congratulations!

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