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A new khimbit pool is open, and we ask that you please honor a 6 khimbit per person limit for this pool! Once the pool has completely finished stocking and there is a red banner at the top of the shop that states this, any remainders in the shop are fair game for anyone!

It's that time again! Beads are on sale until the end of the day, Friday, for 15% off!

Bead Bribery

Buy 25 beads and get TWO FREE SERUMS of your choice!

Buy a total of 50 beads and get a FREE chrysalis of your choice!

These offers stack, so if you buy 25 beads in total, you will get the 2 free serums. If you buy 50 beads in total, you will get the 2 serums AND the chrysalis. If you buy 75 beads, you'll get a total of 4 free serums and one chrysalis, 100 beads gets you 4 free serums and 2 chrysalids, and so on!

Submit a Support Ticket under the Resources tab to claim your goodies!

Activity Token Plaza is now open!

Please read the entire news post before asking questions ^^.

Check out the World dropdown menu in the main navigation bar and visit the Activity Token Plaza! Currently only the Retro & Recolours and Emporium Galorium shops are open for business. Fantastical Fantasies will open at a later date!

February 2023 Pineapple Tokens in 1-5 point denominations are now dropping from Quests and in the Lounge! Quests give out 1 point tokens at the basic level, 3 point tokens at the bronze level, 4 point tokens at the silver level, and 5 point tokens for gold level. As always, you can receive any tokens that drop, up to and including your current level. Additionally, there is a rare chance to receive a 10 point "evergreen" token for those who have achieved the Prismatic Crystal level! Evergreen tokens are useable forever in all three shops!

1 and 2 point tokens are dropping in the Lounge, along with the usual item drops! There is also a rare chance to receive the 10 point Supertoken from the Lounge!

1 and 2 point tokens are dropping in Foraging, but will be somewhat rare. The main source of tokens is meant to be daily limited activities, but if you really need to pick up some extras, you can try your hand.

As a reminder, these tokens EXPIRE *unless* you turn them in at the points shop before their expiry date. February tokens came out this month, and that means that they will expire at the end of April for Emporium Galorium and Retro & Recolours shops. If you want to use your tokens for points, you must turn them in before then. Points will remain useable forever as long as you turn them in before their expiry date. Unused tokens can be used forever in the Fantastical Fantasies shop, and can also be used as deco!

New items will be added to the shops regularly, and we'll have a periodic news post to recap all the new items added. We will NOT be posting news as tokens move into the other activities, just be aware that as the items they are currently giving out hit their expiry date, they will be replaced with tokens.

We will be watching the number of tokens accumulating and adjust shop prices/token drops accordingly. We have started with lower prices, but prices for individual items will have to go up as more and more tokens drop into the system. Remember that previously, you accumulated numerous duplicates from your daily activities and that's no longer necessary, so we'll need to adjust for that. We'll be partially relying on metrics and partially on user feedback to determine pricing going forward. Please keep all discussions on the topic civil and courteous and understand that it WILL take time to balance the system. Any angry or confrontational discussions will be shut down. We value feedback, but we also require courtesy and respect toward staff. Please also be aware that we cannot adjust prices downward to meet the needs of the players who spend the least amount of time playing the site, nor can we adjust drops/prices to suit any one particular playing style. We do have to achieve a happy medium. Also be aware that items in the Fantastical Fantasies shop will be meant to help bleed off any excess of tokens that may be accumulated by the MOST active users, so they will be priced accordingly.

New Monthly Items!

Upgraded users should head over to visit the Treasure Trove and pick up a Love Potion #8! Everyone who has been active in the last 30 days will find Love Potion #10 in their inventory! Use them responsibly!

...Just kidding, they're only deco :P

Forgot to mention in the previous post... this current round of pools will have a 5-khimbit per person limit! Please do not abuse this limit, as I would very much hate to have to ban people from participating in shops for violating the rules. You cannot offer/buy/loan your slots to another person. If you want a chance to grab more bits, keep an eye out in the Lounge as if I see khimbits lingering, I may allow people to grab more than their allotted 5.

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