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Make sure you read the important news post below this one if you have not already!

Beads are currently on sale for 15% off!

Our Bead Bribery offering for this round is, buy 25 beads and get one Winterfest Retro Pack free! Rewards stack, and there is no limit to the number of bonus packs you can receive when buying beads!

But wait, there's more! For every 100 beads purchased during the event, receive a bonus Clouded Snowcat Glyph growable egg!

To claim your Bead Bribery rewards, please submit a help desk report. Please submit one report only per BB event, and update it when/if you purchase more beads during the same event. You do not have to purchase all beads at the same time to qualify for the bonus items.

Remember, users from outside the USA receive a bead bonus of 1 bead per string for purchases under 50 beads, and 2 beads per string for purchases of 50 beads and over. This is to help offset the high exchange rate between USD and other currencies. Please put in a help desk report with your country of origin, number of beads purchased, and email address used to purchase the beads to claim your bonus beads.

**If you purchased beads in the previous 24 hours, we can't change the amount you paid, but you can still qualify for the BB rewards**


If you are new to Growables or need a refresher, check out the Introduction to Growables guide in the Encyclopedia! An index of all currently implemented eggs and seeds is also in the works.


The Winterfest Retro Pack 2021 can now be found in the cash shop for 3 beads each!

Inside these packs you can find all monthly treasure packs for the months of December, January, and February! A couple of different kind of wearable wings remain in the packs, for reasons we will not be ready to reveal for a while ;) The chunky ice bracelets and delicate ice beads for HAs have been replaced by the new Icy Ocean backdrops - Glacier and Overcast.

Additionally, you will find the new Winter 2021 Treasure Pack! This marks the return of treasure packs, however we will be releasing them quarterly rather than every month. There are 12 items in the new packs, including a new growable egg to celebrate the recent fixes to the Growables/Inventory system!

The Winter 2021 packs are weighted at 50% of the Winterfest Retro Pack contents, with monthly packs making up the balance. Special items also include Amaryllis Seeds (growable) and Mystery Chrysalis Packs!

Like previous monthly treasure packs, Winter 2021 packs are "multi-open" which means if you open the max number of packs at one time (12), you will receive one of each item with no repeats! If you open less than 12 packs, you won't get any repeats but there is no guarantee of which items you will receive. If you just want to take your chances with each pack, open them one at a time. NOTE: This applies ONLY to the treasure pack, not the retro pack itself! Retro packs are only openable one at a time.


We have a few awesome improvements to announce!

First up, all Growables that originated on khimeros should now be working in deco! Unfortunately, Growables that originated on Aluriya could not be fixed and can be discarded from inventory. We do plan to re-release these Growables, like the orca, beta, and kale, so you can grow new ones over here.

Secondly, the inventory glitch that caused blank spots in the inventory when sending eggs or seeds to the basket/pouch has been fixed!

And last but not least, Khimera pages have been given a massive facelift for functionality and design!

Once again thanks goes to Hazer for all his hard work!!

We are currently still working on perfecting our new layouts, so expect to see more changes there in upcoming days. Additionally, we are making some site-wide changes to things like the navigation menu, to make the site more easily understandable to new users when they first start playing the site. The khimera control panel is no longer in a floating box but can be found below the khimera info on their individual pages. We understand that these changes may be difficult for older users to get used to, but we ask you to bear with us as it is very important to make the site as accessible as possible for new users who do not have the benefit of years of experience with the site.

If you ARE a new user, and found anything difficult to find or understand, you can post a comment in this news post and we'll consider your feedback! Please try to be as precise as possible, including the exact page or pages where you became confused, or were expecting to find info or a different feature, but did not.


It's time to rejoice, as we now have a discard feature for inventories!!! Simply click on an item in inventory and the option to discard the item will be at the bottom of the item menu. Be sure to use caution, as any items discarded are gone forever and you cannot get them back!!

We hope you had fun collecting event tokens, the Masquerade event has ended for the year! You can now head to the Events link in the main navigation bar and head to the Masquerade 2021 Event Shop to turn in your horseshoe tokens for points to purchase a Necros Foal Chrysalis!

PS. Don't miss the news posted earlier about the new Peaceful Forest site theme release!

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