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EDIT: All claimed, thank you!

Here are a few overlays to whet your appetite! These can be applied over any embarr-draak base, or you can have them applied over a sulana base when they become available. These are first come, first served and you can claim them by posting in the news comments, note that these are gold custom overlays, so only one of each will be sold, the first one to post claims their choice. Each overlay costs 15 beads and you must have the beads on hand or be prepared to buy them immediately. Help desk to have your overlay applied or state that you prefer to wait and have it applied to a sulana base. You can either choose to use a sulana you create, OR you can purchase a sulana chrysalis with your order for 20 beads. If choosing the latter, you must pay when you claim your overlay. 20-bead sulana chrysalids are ONLY available with overlay purchases.

Overlay #1

Overlay #2

Overlay #3

We hope you are feeling chatty if you want a chance at these new tail ribbons, mane ribbons, tail bouquets, and mane bouquets for the Sulana!

Beads are now on sale for 15% off! This will likely be the last bead sale before the packs are released, so stock up!

Please prepare to welcome the Sulana to the site! Packs will be available soon, containing a variety of wearables for the new base, chrysalids, deco, and other goodies! Packs will be available in the cash shop for 2 beads each, and there will also be a chance to collect tokens around the site to redeem for packs! News will be posted when the packs are ready, items are still being prepared, so it may be a little while yet.

As a warm-up activity you will find a link to Sulana Festival 2022 in the World menu! Visit the link and you can click to try for an item once every 30 minutes! Stock up on some Sulana wearables before the new base is released!


I will sell a maximum of 10 of this design, one per user, first come first served as far as color choices. Any slots unsold after 24 hours has passed may be purchased by anyone.

Overlays cost 15 beads each, if you want a typhon custom as the under, you may order one with a link to your saved custom demo slot for an additional 15 beads (if you add extra patterns or anything that charges a fee, you'll need to have those beads on hand when placing your order).

You may choose the following:
-Cape color and glitter/no glitter. Example image shows glitter. Cape color may be solid, ombre of up to 3 colors, or rainbow (bright or pastel).

-Armour color, light brown, dark brown, or black.

-Stud color, silver or brass.

-Body color - solid color, ombre of up to 3 colors, rainbow (bright or pastel) with or without glitter.

-Mane color - solid color, ombre of up to 3 colors, (bright or pastel) with or without glitter.

-Mane accent color - same rules as mane color.

-Tail poof color - same rules as mane color

-Eye color - any solid color

No other choices or alterations are available. Note: glitter is an effect and doesn't have its own color. Glitter will show up differently on different base colors. It will usually not show up as well on very light or very bright colors.

To order, have your beads on hand and submit a help desk report with your choices.


Be sure to encourage your inner Muse to do its very best, inspire the Minstrel in order to win some of these new prizes!

Potted Roses

Wooded Hillside Backdrops

Hillside Homes

Rustic Rainbarrels

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