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Beads are on sale for 15% off for the next three days! Get 'em while they are hot!

Bead Bribery

Our offerings this time include 8 new alternate gold custom overlays! These are alternate colors of existing gold customs/plats, and we hope you will enjoy them! For those who donated the images of their original customs and see an alternate of their custom here, enjoy 50% off the points required to purchase an alternate! You can see all the full-sized versions in the Overlay Guide under Resources, by searching for the Bead Bribery May 2024 tab.

White Tyger Origin (Eccentria)

Ocean Deeps Cinder (Likos)

Golden Starchild Khitsune (Grimm/Likos)

Glitter Nebula Draakith (Draak)

Candy Corn Snake Drakona (Draak)

Blush Magnolia Esperi (Draak)

Blue Point Chan Felis (Asadia)

Rainbow Mardi Gras Skywing (Embarr)

You can take your choice of overlay for every 20 beads purchased! Please submit a help ticket with a link to the (correct breed of) khimera you want the overlay applied to, and the overlay name you are selecting.

I am also working on an extra large pool of Shimmers that will be available for both trinkets and beads, so stay tuned for that!

If you would like to see recolors of your gold custom be used in upcoming BB events, please submit the name and image of your custom in the new channel created on the discord server. If you do not have access to the discord server (you can find a link in the welcome guide under Resources), you can post a link to your custom here in the news comments. Recolors will be released as overlays. Donators will get 50% off (in points) for the recolor of their custom. If we get enough offers, we will use some in our next BB event and some in later events.


Monthly tokens were a fun experiment, but unfortunately they don't seem to be positive for site engagement, so April will be the last month for monthly token release. We will be returning to adding items directly into site activities like Dice, Quests, etc. on a rotational basis. We will also return to regular token-based festivals! The Emporium and Retro & Recolors shops will close at the end of the month, But Fantastical Fantasies will remain open. Going forward, you will be able to spend your festival tokens either in the festival items shop, or in Fantastical Fantasies. You will still also be able to use any monthly tokens you may have in FF as well.

The first activity to receive a new rotation of items is Release Rewards, and there are 13 new items to collect in the Pasture Gate Collection! There are Backdrops (2 layers), Midgrounds (1 layer), Water Features (1 layer), Foregrounds (2 layers) and one bonus item, in 3 different color themes!

Beads are on sale for the next 3 days for 15% off!

Bead Bribery

For every 20 beads purchased, choose one of these seven Shimmer Unicorn overlays!

Royal Ivory and Royal Ebony Unicorn Shimmers

Blond Cob and Bay Cob Unicorn Shimmers

Rainbow Sparkle and Frosty Sparkle Unicorn Shimmers

Traditional Cob Unicorn Shimmer

You can view the full sized images by looking in the Overlay Guide under Special Events >"Shimmer Overlays"

Alternately, you can choose a custom shimmer unicorn on either the smooth or fluffy base (basic natural horse colors, basic solid colors, or rainbow only) for every thirty beads purchased! You can mix and match, so for example if you buy 50 beads you can choose one custom and one pre-made overlay.

To claim your pre-made overlay, please submit a ticket with a link to the embarr khimera(s) you want your overlay applied to, and which overlay(s) you want to claim.

To claim your custom overlay, please submit a ticket with a link to the embarr khimera you want your overlay applied to, and a clear description and/or links to references for the basic horse color or solid base color(s) you want to use, including colors for the mane, tail, and hooves; please also indicate whether you wish to use the smooth unicorn base or the fluffy unicorn base. Unicorn bases only for this event. Basic horse colors mean things like bay, palomino, chestnut etc. with or without white markings (socks, pinto etc), but does not include roan, dappled, or other complex colors.

I would also like to complete the outstanding arabi horse overlays while completing any new unicorn shimmer overlays. There will be a news post with instructions on that - please wait for the news post for questions.

PLEASE NOTE that bead purchases up to the end of the day, Friday April 19 will qualify for bead bribery rewards, and all BB reward requests must be in by the end of the month.

Can you find them all??

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