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Yaaaaaas it's that time again!

Click on the prompt links that will pop up randomly with the text, "is it a Trick or a Treat?" and take your chance on a chat "curse" or receive an adorable Trick-or-Treat Doodle! You can receive one item per day, but can be cursed multiple times!


Upgraded users be sure to head over to the Treasure Trove to grab your free monthly item!

Beads are now on sale for 15% off for the next three days!

>>>>>>>>>>Bead Bribery<<<<<<<<<<

Note: We're changing the way BB works. Until further notice, while bead sales will end at a set time, BB events will continue in effect until a new BB event is announced.


For every 20 beads purchased, choose one free retro Masquerade Elixir from the following list:
Candycorn Cheshire, Day Likos, Gargoyle Kalan, Night Likos, Peacock Likos, Reaper Kalan, Red Death Likos, Steampunk Kalan, Werewolf Likos, Witch Kalan, Day of the Dead Ayalar, Day of the Dead Draakith, Day of the Dead Khirin, Ghostly Ayalar, Ghostly Draakith, Ghostly Khirin, Masqued Ayalar, Masqued Draakith, Masqued Khirin


Something new! Now that the new AI-aided functions are available for commercial use in photoshop, we're offering the opportunity to get your own unique Master Item version of an existing backdrop! We're limiting this offer to backdrops of 2 layers and less ONLY (we may make exceptions if the additional layers are just something like light beams or mist... you can ask for clarification). We can change the season or tone of the backdrop, as well as re-mixing the content! Some examples based on the Autumn Countryside Backdrop:

For every 40 beads purchased, you can choose an existing backdrop with 2 layers or less and ask for a specific effect, for example, winterize, night, sunset, colorize, and/or remix, to be made into a Master Item. Note: this is a very experimental process, so not every effect or attempt to remix is going to work well with every backdrop. We may need to ask you to work with us to find something that works.

Yes, you can mix and match! For example, if you buy 80 beads, you can choose 2 elixirs and one backdrop.

To claim your BB rewards, please submit a help desk with the amount of beads purchased, date purchased, email address used to make the purchase through paypal, and your BB choices!

Since people have been asking for new items for the Grimm base for years, and since the Grimm base was originally created for the old, smaller khimera canvases, the Grimm has now been upsized! To celebrate, some new Grimm equips are now dropping in the Lounge (or rather, some old equips made new) and more will be added to the site throughout the month. The two arachnid Master items have also been upsized to match the base.

Please note that enigmas are currently NOT working correctly with the upsized base, so if you have an old Grimm with enigmas, you may want to wait to regen their image until that is fixed. Old Grimm images will not change until you regen them.

Pumpkin Soup Tokens are now circulating!

This is your notice that many items, including the birds, hoof paint, sakura, strawberry, apple blossom and clover themed items will be retiring from the Emporium Galorium in 48 hours!

Today is a catch-up day, meaning I will be taking request to fix things that affect the entire site - for example, packs that need items added to be openable, item images that are missing or need fixing, etc. Today is NOT for personal catch-up items like master items, resizing overlay images, etc.

I'd prefer if you post your request for catch-ups in the catch-up channel on Discord, but if you can't access Discord, you can post them here in the news comments!

We will have a separate day for personal catch-up stuff.

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