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Congratulations to our May 2020 Raffle point winners

Remember, if you post in the forums you can earn raffle points which give you the chance to win a prize!

1st Place.
Naiad (#22389) Wins a Mystery Chrysalis pack!

2nd Place.
Wuwu91 (#10794) Wins a Rascal Chrysalis

3rd Place.
SunBlind (#507) Wins 2 Rascal Surprise Packs

4th Place.
The Rasmus (#20898) Wins a Single Rascal Surprise Pack.

We also have our Bead Point Raffle Winners today!

To enter the bead point raffle you will need to Buy A Raffle Ticket with your Bead Points. Bead Points are awarded each time you purchase at least 10 beads!

1st Prize is Rhee (47) Wins a Mystery Chrysalis pack!

The runner up Mittenmon (14026) Wins a Rascal Chrysalis

Congratulations to the winners! Your prizes will be sent out shortly!

Be sure to check out the Lounge and the Foraging grounds for Paper Rascal Tokens in 1, 2, and 3 point denominations! Tokens are free to pick up, and you can redeem 30 pts for a free Rascal Surprise Pack! We will release enough tokens for approximately 50 free packs to be redeemed! The tokens are also deco!!

News will be posted when all the tokens have been picked up. Note: You will not be able to redeem tokens until after all tokens have been picked up.


New dice items are in, continuing the Simple Evening Silhouette theme!

Upgraded users have a random chance to find these fun NPC silhouettes!

Crystallization (#35984) is this week's lottery winner(s), taking home 4,095 trinkets! Congratulations!

Two new craftable Flyger recipes have been added to Thimble's shop! Use your extra Funky Glowsticks or Ethereal Zephyr items from Flyger Surprise Packs to craft some fabulous new colors! Note: there are 2 versions of each recipe, this is to allow for both color versions from the packs to be used in crafting. You can get the same 4 color results from each recipe.

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