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A new monthly item is available for all upgraded users in the Treasure Trove!

Rainforest River Crossing Backdrop

Some new backdrops and Fitch collars are available in the Emporium!

And last but not least, Eldritch Spellweaver items are available in the Louge!


Fitch Surprise Packs are now available in the Cash Shop for 3 beads each!

Opening a pack gives you a random selection of wearable packs for the new Fitch base, backdrop packs, mini firefly potion packs and mini inverse firefly potion packs, Wearable and Background packs grant one random item upon opening, firefly packs give 3-5 potions per pack.

If you are very lucky, you may also receive a fitch chrysalis or a mystery chrysalis pack!

There is a guaranteed fitch chrysalis bonus item when you have opened 20 packs!

Majestic Mountain Waterfalls Pack (These backdrops have 3 layers)

Rugged Mountain Waterfalls Pack (These backdrops have 3 layers)

Windswept Foothills Pack (These backdrops have 2 layers)

Starlord Accents Pack (Fitch)

Royal Courier Regalia Pack (Items have 2 layers) (Fitch)

Royal Courier Messenger Gear (Fitch)

The time has come where we really need to downsize our server to save on costs. So, starting in two weeks, we will be deleting the *images* of khimeras of users who have not logged in in more than one year. Note, we are not deleting the khimeras, we are deleting the images only. Once a user becomes active again, the images will need to regenerate. This means that any normal decos will still regenerate once the user becomes active again, as well as the khimera image itself. HOWEVER, it does mean that if you have decos that you have saved but no longer have the item equipped, or old glitched images and the like, you will lose those decos/images. The solution to this is simply to log in at least once a year. We thank you in advance for your understanding!

More Info from Hazer:

Say I had this Khimera here and I was inactive for a year.
The Khimera's images (normal, clean, naked and thumbnails):
Would be deleted from the server, however, the Khimera in question would still be there and still exist, but the images would no longer be here and would need to be regenerated.

The plan is to Clear inactive users (1 year of inactivity) Khimera images every 2 weeks (1st and 15th)

Then, once you/any user visits a Lair page containing those Khimeras or the main page of any Khimera that has its image removed, a script would run to re-generate that Khimera on the spot and reload it into the page.
There, the Khimera's Images will be available for another 14 days (until they get cleaned again, or if the inactive user logs back in they wont clear for another 1 year of inactivity).

Khimera's hefty server costs are mostly due to the sheer volume of Images being stored.
The images folder itself is over 968 GB - which is a lot.
400 GB~ Are purely from Khimeras that have been abandoned by their users for 1+ years.
So essentially, half of the cost of the servers have just been keeping up abandoned pet images.
This is why we'll be implementing this system, to save on a lot of costs.
We hope by generating on the spot we can alleviate any issues of "oh but I want to see X users khimera even though they're inactive", by temporarily generating that image for you when you need it.

Thank you for your understanding. <3

If you've had your Khimbits - Denned section of your dressup broken due to one of your khimbits being deleted whilst still in the den, that issue should be fixed now!

Beads are on sale for 15% off for the next three days!

All bead purchases will now earn you points in the March Bead Bribery and Monthly Deals shop! Remember, bead points are associated with a specific shop, not with a specific date. Shops will stay open for roughly a month, but a new shop will not open automatically when the the new month rolls over, so it's best to wait for the news post, or when you see the Shop open on the Events page!

To start things off, we've stocked Mini Enigma, Enigma Essences and Eye Changification potions for points! Khim-Bitcoins are available for both points and beads (these entitle you to have one unique khimbit that you own turned into a khimera overlay), and the sale chrysalids of the month are the Dragomorph and Kalalily!

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