Communication Rules

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Be courteous with other users at all times. If you have an issue with another user, please submit a help desk report. If you have an issue with a staff member, please message Onyx #1 directly.
  1. Do not spam. Avoid excessive, short, or meaningless posts and messages. Forum threads must have a solid topic, "talk about anything" threads are not allowed. Use the bump button in the forums.

  2. Do not harass or threaten other users. Do not carry personal disagreements onto Khimeros. Do not attack other users for playing the game in different way. Blacklists are not allowed. You may post "rant" boards as long as you do not post about an individual in such a way that that person's identity is revealed or can be deduced. If you feel another user has done something wrong or unsavoury please submit a help desk for assistance.

  3. Do not solicit sympathy from other users in order to gain items, pets, or currency. This includes begging (even if asking politely), and aggressively or repeatedly complaining about not having something or wanting something.

  4. Do not disclose or request any identifying personal information, such as an address, phone number, etc. Do not use the site to seek a romantic relationship in any form.

  5. Do not direct any sort of profanity or insult at another person (this includes staff). Mild occasional swearing is permitted, but please avoid excessive profanity, especially that which is directed towards people of a specific race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. Use of religious curses is not permitted. If you are not sure what this includes, please submit a help desk for clarification.

  6. Do not post images that are sexual, hateful, or overly grotesque. Do not post rapidly flashing/rotating images as these can cause health issues to some users. Do not post excessive numbers of images in one location. Please submit a help desk for clarification if you are unsure if an image is appropriate to post.

  7. Do not post links to any site that contains explicitly sexual, racist, hate-mongering, hacking/cheating, or other kinds of offensive or illegal content.

  8. Do not post images or information about any unreleased items or features that you may come across. If you are unsure if something is released, submit a help desk and ask.

  9. Please keep in mind that anything you post is up for open discussion. If you do not wish to hear other opinions on the topic, it should not be brought up. Please keep all debates courteous and civilized. You may not ask/tell another user to leave or stop commenting. Nor may you harass another user by posting repeatedly and aggressively in order to prove that you are "right". Some conversations may be ended by staff if they appear to be escalating. If this happens, please do not continue the discussion elsewhere.

  10. If you wish to debate, add information, or suggest something regarding how staff handle a situation regarding these rules, please submit a help desk. Keep in mind that some situations cannot be disclosed in full.

  11. Just because a topic is not explicitly covered within the rules does not mean you may use that fact to excuse disruptive behaviour in general. Please use common sense!

  12. All users and staff are expected to follow these rules.

  13. Additional, forum-specific and chat-specific rules may be found in each respective location.