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For the help desks that were submitted, all of the gold ferran overlays have now been assigned to their owners! We hope that everyone got something they liked, and if not, that they at least manage to trade for something they like!

You will find the results in THIS THREAD!

To claim your gold ferran(s), please submit a help desk report. Please remember that you will need to create an "under" design and save in the custom demo, then link to your saved slot and include this in your help desk report to receive your custom. As a reminder, the "under" breed for the gold ferran is, of course, the ferran (kalan-draak hybrid)! You will also need to provide any extra items like serums or glow potions, and have them ready in your inventory and have any extra beads on hand if required for your underlay. If you do not have these extra items/beads, you will not receive your custom until they are provided.

*Please also provide an overlay name for your ferran!!!*

There's a new khimera in town for a limited time - the Treaselgon, a kalan alternate! You can look them up in the custom demo.

The treaselgon is usually found in the same vicinity as their cousins, the treasels, and chrysalids will vanish from the chrysalis cave when the treasels return to their undergound dens! Pick yours up for 20 beads while they are still available!


It seems the swamp has become a bit more warm and inviting with the addition of some fanciful lit-up Cernu scattering the area. In the depths of winter, it's a bit harder to see after sun-down. Now you can light your way and be stylish while doing so! If you are upgraded, just trek through the swamp and visit the treasure trove to snag one for yourself.

Lucky Bonsai Tr (#27995) is this week's lottery winner(s), taking home 5,915 trinkets! Congratulations!

Just some friendly reminders that we have a couple of events ending soon. The overlay breeding event and the bead sale will end in three days! Special Mystery Chrysalis packs will also leave the cash shop (and yes, we really mean it :P) in three days. So be sure to grab any last beads and packs and do any last breeding while you can!

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