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Cosmic Star (#2647) is this week's lottery winner(s), taking home 16,185 trinkets! Congratulations!

Bookworm (#7676) is this week's lottery winner(s), taking home 6,695 trinkets! Congratulations!


We've been organizing some changes in the past few weeks, and want to let you all know what we are up to.

We feel that it's time to revamp the site a bit, make some changes and get a new activity rotation going.

After examining the site activities over the past few years, we've decided that it's best that we get back to a bit more of a regular schedule for activities such as dice, quests, Wishing Well, release rewards etc.

Most of these activities will now be on a roughly six week schedule, with the exception of quests, which will remain on a two month rotation.

Additionally, we have decided that we will soon be officially dropping some activities and features from the site. These include: human avatars, gen 2 khimbits, and may include a few more things in upcoming months.

So please make sure you take screenshots of your human avatars within the next month, if you wish to keep images of them.

We are also going to be bringing BACK some activities that haven't been used much, recently. These include:

-Khimbits (with a new system)
-Breeding Overlays
-More Crafting

Regarding Festivals, it has become clear that we have gone way overboard on Festival events in the past few years, both in the number of Festivals and the sheer volume of items that go out with each one. This has exhausted our art resources, played havoc with the rotation of regular site activities, and we feel, caused a certain amount of ennui among users who have been flooded with so many items that nothing feels special anymore.

Therefore, we will start being a little more conservative in items released via festivals, and in some cases will be offering new colors or new varitations of previously released items as rewards for site activities and in festival shops.

Additionally, we've looked at the Festival rotation and decided that we will be dropping the Springtide Festival and changing the big yearly Turn-in Event, into an Upcycle Shop similar to what some of you may be familiar with from Aethria. The Upcycle Shop will remain open at all times, though items may change out occasionally. It will takes us some time to assign points to all items that can be redeemed through the Upcycle Shop and get that running, but it is coming in the near future.

We hope that all of these changes will perk up some new interest in the site!


And now on to the Release Rewards!

This time, we have a lovely selection of Festive Lights trees for your holiday deco needs!

Thankyou all for your patience, the gold ferrans are now ready! The thread is now updated with a numbered list of all completed overlays!

Please have a look through this thread to see the available overlays.

If you are entitled to a ferran overlay (these were available at the 150 bead level of the June 2018 bead bribery event), you may choose up to THREE customs that you particularly would like to have for EACH ferran that you are entitled to (only one vote per person per overlay, however - you can NOT vote 3 times for the same overlay if you are entitled to three overlays, for example).

**as this event did not include gold tokens, to claim your golds you must PROVIDE A LINK to your bead bribery help desk from this bead bribery event! (June 2018) in your selection post, without this link your selection will be invalid!**

You may choose up to THREE customs that you do not particularly want for each that you are entitled to.

You will not be guaranteed to NOT get any of the customs that you have indicated you do not want. Your chances of receiving one of the customs you do particularly want will depend on how many other people have signed up for that particular custom, and the vagaries of the random number generator, though we try to make sure nobody recieves one they dislike :)

All customs that someone has indicated an interest in will be raffled off first via random number generator. I will then proceed down the list of remaining customs, in order, and assign them to a new owner via random number generator.

You have TWO WEEKS from today to make your choices. After the draw, you will be asked to put in a help desk with the underlay choice for your overlay. Please wait until the news post asking you to, to do so. The underlay for the gold ferran is of course, the ferran draak-kalan hybrid!

Please post ONE post per person on this thread, stating your choices. Please do not post anything else on this thread. If you wish to comment on the overlays, please post any comments on the display thread posted above.

Any tokens remaining after the week choosing period will still be able to be used, but will need to wait for a re-selection period. (this re-selection period will also apply to the other random gold event overlays yet to be claimed).

ferran overlays thread - HERE
ferran choice list - HERE


The Regenderification sprites have left the Wishing Well, but Switcheroo Sprites have brought back hybrid switches!

Take any vintage base hybrid to the wishing well and you will have the chance to flip it's front and back half! So, for example, if you have an Kalan-Ayalon and have access to the Wishing Well, you can now try your luck with a few wishing pennies and switch it into a Ayalon-Kalan!

You will also have the chance to pick up the Switcheroo Bloo Sprite.

And for anyone who doesn't yet have Wishing Well access, you can purchase a Switcheroo Essence Pack in the Cash Shop - along with all the other non-overlay Essences and Essence packs, which will now remain in the cash shop indefinitely!!!

For those who do not know how the Wishing Well works, you can check out the guide here.

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