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Congratulations to our August 2020 Raffle point winners

Remember, if you post in the forums you can earn raffle points which give you the chance to win a prize!

1st Place.
Charmanth (#153) Wins a Mystery Chrysalis pack!

2nd Place.
babycakes21 (#36166) Wins a Hybrid Chrysalis

3rd Place.
Kaya~ (#24623) Wins a Cabbit Chrysalis.

4th Place.
Smaug_Da_Drgon (#34284) Wins Likorgi Chrysalis.

Prizes will be sent out shortly


Beads are on sale for 15% off through the end of the month, whee!

Bead Bribery Items:

This time around, featuring Radiant Sunflower Fields Backdrops!

Purchase 25 beads and receive Radiant Sunflower Fields Backdrop I!

Purchase 60 beads and receive Radiant Sunflower Fields Backdrop II!

Purchase 100 beads and receive Radiant Sunflower Fields Backdrop III!

Rewards stack, so you can receive more than one copy of any backdrop by purchasing more than 100 beads.

You do not need to purchase beads all at once, as long as they are purchased during the event!

You must submit a help desk to claim your Bead Bribery items! One help desk report per person please, you can update it if you purchase additional beads!

filemon (#36207) is this week's lottery winner(s), taking home 4,355 trinkets! Congratulations!

Make sure you do your part by releasing as many khimeras as possible to the meadow for a chance to pick up trinkets, extra breeding slots, beads, or one of these fabulous release rewards!

Upgraded users, don't forget to drop by the swamp to pick up your monthly free gift!

The winners of the flyger overlays have been posted in the comments of the Round 2 news post, so please check it out if you put your name in for one!

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