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For a limited time only, while enigmas are active in the Wishing Well, you can submit a help desk to have existing khimera markings enigmafied! It costs one enigma essence to enigmafy one marking, and you can specify the enigma number. Be sure to clearly indicate the khimera number, the name of the marking, and the number of the enigma when submitting your ticket, and be sure to have the appropriate number of enigma essences in your inventory.


For more enigma fun, while enigmas are active in the Wishing Well you can submit your OWN enigma pattern through the help desk and have it added to the official enigma index for everyone to use!!! Each enigma you wish to add to the index will cost 15 beads and will come with a free enigma essence! All images must be 800px wide and 600px tall in size, in png format. You may submit a design you have created yourself, or one that you found on a site that stipulates that images are FREE for BUSINESS USE, and are subject to staff approval in all cases. We will NOT chase down useage rights for you, so you must include very clear links to useage rights for all images, or state that the image is of your own creation or you own the copyright (for example if you had another artist create the image for you and they have given you the copyright).


BOGO alert!

It's time to kick off our annual cultural festival! This year's theme is Return to Eosia! Instead of a dragon-themed festival, this year we'll have a mixed bag of fanciful new beasts, along with the return of some old favourites!

For the duration of the festival we are re-releasing witara (15 beads), gryph (20 beads), and khomainu (25 beads) chrysalids to the chrysalis cave! And for a limited time, get ANY Chrysalis Cave offering of equal or lesser value for 1/2 off when you purchase the first chrysalis - including limited release LEs!!* You will need to put in a help desk to claim your discount chrysalis. If half the price of a chrysalis a number that is not divisible by half in whole numbers, we will round UP. For example, if a chrysalis costs 25 beads then the half price chrysalis will be priced at 13 beads.

*sorry, mini-chrysalids are excluded from the event ^^

Azura Rose (#10508) is this week's lottery winner(s), taking home 88,920 trinkets! Congratulations!


Rainbow enigma has now returned to the wishing well! NOW WITH EVEN MORE RAINBOWY GOODNESS!

New enigmas have been added, bringing us to a total of 331 enigma patterns! If you have access, all khimeras with the rainbow marking (the actual rainbow marking, not a marking in a rainbow colour) can be brought to the well for a chance to change their rainbow marking to a random enigma! You can use the rainbow enigma guide to see thumbnails of all enigma patterns. Also, clicking on any individual thumbnail will search for khimeras with that enigma opacity, for your previewing pleasure!

The Enigma Essence and Mini Enigma Essence (which can be used to enigma a mutation) are also in the cash shop!

We also have an adorable new enigma sprite!

As a reminder, Wishing Well access is gained by completing Kai and Tai's quests. When you have reached "Gold Trophy Level" you have a random chance of gaining well access with each new quest you complete. You will know when you have access to the well when you receive your first wishing penny from completing a quest, though this can take some time!

The Wishing Well is accessible through khimeros central -> mountains -> wishing well.

A guide to the Wishing Well can be found Here

We are very pleased to announce the opening of the Upcycle Shop!

The Upcycle Shop *replaces* the formerly annual turn-in event. This means that you can turn in your extra monthly treasure items and dragon egg items any time you want, all year long!

MOST items that came from a monthly treasure pack or from dragon eggs will be eligible for turn-in. Other items may become available to upcycle as well in future.

Items available from the Upcycle Shop are semi-permanent, which means that they may eventually retire. When they do retire, we'll give you some warning first.

Hop over to the shop - located in the Event menu in the main navigation bar, to check out the available items!

We will also continue to add NEW items to the Shop periodically!

The Upcycle Shop will remain open, so you can turn in extra points now if you wish, and use them to buy items that may be released later.

If you find any items that you believe should be included as turn-inable to the Upcycle Shop, please post them here and we'll check it out!

Congratulations to our January 2019 Raffle point winners

BlackReaper11 (21048) Wins a Wild Panthira Chrysalis

Tainted1 (2870) Wins a Treaselgon Chrysalis

Lucky Bonsai Tr (27995) Wins a February monthly Treasure Packs

Brandonjui25 (33701) Wins a February monthly Treasure Pack

Congratulations to the winners! Your prizes will be sent out shortly!

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