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Live Chat Rules

  1. Be the best version of you that you can be! You are not allowed to be rude, disrespectful, abusive, or argumentative. Those who cannot follow this rule will be temporarily removed from chat without warning.

  2. No mini-modding, please. If there are no staff in the chat, you may issue a gentle reminder AND submit a Help Desk Report. Do NOT answer site-related questions unless you are sure you KNOW the answer.

  3. Do not post images or information about any unreleased content. Content is considered unreleased unless there has been a News post!

  4. Do not solicit sympathy from other users in order to sway the game in your favor. This includes lying, begging (even if asking politely), aggressively or repeatedly complaining about wanting something, asking for compensation beyond value "for reasons", or regularly telling sad stories and accepting resulting goodwill donations.

  5. Please keep discussion of "heavy" topics regarding serious physical/mental health or other real-life issues out of the chat. The lounge is intended for light conversation.

  6. Excessive profanity is NOT allowed, including, but not limited to "f-bombs", religious curses, and words which are directed towards people of a specific race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. If you are not sure what this includes, please submit a help desk for clarification.

  7. Topics of an explicitly sexual nature are not allowed. "Date seeking" behavior is not allowed.

  8. Do not discuss or post links to anything explicitly sexual, hate-mongering, hacking/cheating/pirating related, or other offensive or illegal topics.

  9. Chatting about other sites is allowed as long as it does not overwhelm the conversation.

  10. Please keep use of chatspeak to a minimum and use proper spelling and grammar as much as possible. Do not spam.

  11. Generally disruptive behavior is not allowed. If a moderator asks you to do or not do something, please do as they ask.

If any of the above rules are violated, or if violating the TOS is encouraged in any way while chatting, that user will be subject to a chat ban or account ban, depending on the severity and frequency of such violations.