Terms of Service

Please read the ENTIRE TOS before playing the site!

Khimeros staff will always contact users via the khimeros@gmail.com email address if contact is made offsite. Be sure that you do not give any personal information/account information to any person who contacts you from any other email address.


Khimeros is a site intended for older teens and adults. Graphic sexual content is not allowed, however we do allow mild to moderate profanity, and there may be discussion of religion, politics, and some other topics that may be uncomfortable to some people.

All site content belongs to Khimeros Entertainment and/or its respective owners. Please do not copy, distribute, or in any way use our site content without permission. "Site content" refers to coding, art, layouts, content and any other elements of the site framework. It does NOT refer to content such as art or writing submitted or displayed by our users. Khimeros will never try to claim any user-submitted writing, art, or intellectual property except in the case where it is explicitly posted as a suggestion, idea or contest entry for use by the site. In such cases, you grant Khimeros Entertainment the right to use any such content in any way they see fit for the purpose of developing the site.

We value your privacy and will never sell or give out your private information, including email address, except in the case of investigation into theft/fraud or other illegal/suspicious activities.

User Conduct

Please be aware of the risks involved in posting detailed personal information on this or any website. You will not have any control over who can view this information and must take full responsibility for any problems that may arise. Users under 18 years of age are not permitted to post their full home address, school name or address, or telephone number, for their protection.

Users are responsible for all content they upload to the site, and accept liability for any infringement of copyright that may occur. We reserve the right to remove any content deemed inappropriate.

You may not post (or link to) any vulgar, offensive, sexually explicit or demeaning content, especially those targeting any particular religious, ethnic, or gender-based group. Bashing or flaming of users or staff is not allowed. Seeking "dates" and similar behavior is not allowed.

Scamming, trolling and harassing behavior is not allowed. Exploiting glitches or utilizing cheats, hacks or anything designed to play the game for you is not allowed. This includes anything that refreshes a page automatically or checks pages automatically for updates.

Begging is not allowed.

Be yourself! Do not impersonate Khimeros staff members (or anyone else, for that matter).

Any user whose account is frozen for cheating or otherwise violating the TOS is subject to permanent loss their account, items, pets, and virtual currency, even if paid for with USD.

Accounts - Owning, Selling, and Sharing

Please do not choose usernames that are offensive, racist, or otherwise inappropriate. Please do not choose usernames that are related to religious or well-known political figures ("God", "Satan", "President Bush", etc.) Staff reserve the right to change usernames if necessary.

You may have one account only. If you wish to move to a different account, you must submit a help desk report, and pay the 10 bead "moving fee". Please see the thread regarding Rules for selling and trading Khimeros Accounts for more information on moving accounts.

If you wish to share an account, you may only possess ONE account between however many users are sharing that account. If you share an account, or give your login name or password to another user for any reason, you have NO recourse if the person to whom you have given access sells, transfers, moves, or otherwise disposes of any currency, items, or pets. Therefore, think VERY carefully about who you allow to access your account (attempts to purposely abuse this rule in an attempt to scam is not allowed and will be dealt with severely).

You are responsible for the behavior of anyone you allow to share your account.

Multiple Accounts on the Same IP Address (same household)

"Same household" includes anyone who ever accesses the site from the same IP address. Please note that just because an account is accessed from a different computer at the same address, it is still the same IP. Therefore if you invite friends over and they access their account from your house, you fall under the "same household" rules.

If more than one person in a household has a Khimeros account, each account must be played separately by its owner. You may, once every two months, send one khimera, generation 2 or above, or one item worth roughly 1 bead or less, between accounts in the same household. Any additional transfers between accounts will be grounds for investigation of multiple account abuse. You may make trades/sales between accounts as long as the trades/sales are of even value, and fair market value, on both sides. If we see what appears to be the funneling of items between two accounts being played by the same user, we will treat it as a multiple account infraction.

Trading With Other Sites

You may trade Khimeros assets for assets from any other site that also allows cross-site trading of such items. However, be aware that while we will attempt to assist you on our end should things go wrong, Khimeros staff have no jurisdiction on other sites.

You may not trade Khimeros currency, items, or pets for any real-life currency (or items or pets, for that matter :P)

Purchasing Beads

Beads: Beads are used as counters to keep track of your purchasing power on the site. $1 worth of beads entitles you to $1 worth of purchasing power. Currently, each bead is worth $1. Should we at any time in the future decide to change the denomination of beads to each be worth 50 cents, or any other dollar amount, we reserve the right to adjust the number of beads a user has on hand to reflect their new value. We will NEVER change the purchasing power of your beads. If you pay $1 you will always retain $1 worth of purchasing power.

"Beads" are a virtual currency, and when purchasing beads, users are entitled to use this virtual currency on-site for as long as the site exists, as long as site rules are followed. Beads have no hard currency value once purchased.

When purchasing beads, be sure that you are entitled to use the funds with which you are paying! Chargebacks are NEVER allowed, and fraudulent use of funds to purchase items or accounts from the site may result in the deletion of items, accounts, and/or a permanent site ban. If you accidentally purchase too many beads, or purchase using the wrong bank account, etc. please put in a help desk right away and we'll help you!

You will be notified of any changes to the TOS via site news bulletins. It is your responsibility to read any updates to the TOS, and should you decide at any time that you cannot abide by the TOS, you agree to immediately terminate your use of the site.