Hello There!

It's Trippy! And I'm madly obsessed with the color scheme blue +
orange/gold. I like cats, horses and snakes. I work on art in my
spare time as well as for the site. I color unique khimbits, make
pet bases and markings, deco, upgrade items and forum treats!

I'm Also 'Trippy' Here!

Aluriya, Furvilla, FlightRising, MycenaCave, Sonas, FelisFire,
Subeta, Aywas, Leayph and Gryffs. I usually only frequent the
first few sites on this list however. You might spot me elsewhere
too, but I am not any type of active there. When it opens- you'll
also see me playing Dappervolk.


Alternate Khimera Wishlist

Museums and Hoards

The Event Token Tent (collection)
The Customization Cavern (my custom making items)
The Hibbari Hole (for future use)

Khimbits For Sale, Trade or Offer

Dice, Forum and Gen2
Artist Uniques (supa speshul)
All Uniques are Now Stocked in my Shop

Items For Sale

Masters Copies
Unique Deco
Growable Animals
Growable Plants